Friday, April 19, 2013

Oma comes for a visit

Oma came for a visit in April to meet Charly and to play with Maddix and Emery.

One day it was really nice so we went to the park.  
Maddix and Daddy were playing baseball and Maddix accidentally broke his new bat.  He was very sad about it but quickly moved on to something else.

 Emery is really starting to like soccer.  She loves kicking the ball back and forth.
I think she just really loves playing with her daddy.

 Oma took them to do all of their favorite things:
Dinosaur Museum, Kangaroo Zoo, Hang Time, playing outside, building forts and throwing rocks in the stream

 We Love Oma!

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Oma said...

Oma LOVES all of you!