Sunday, December 7, 2008

3 Months

Well today our little boy is 3 months old!
I can't believe it! Time is flying by so fast.
One minute I can't wait for him to be doing the next best thing,
yet at the same time I wish he was still a tiny newborn.
Eric and I fall deeper and deeper in love with him everyday.
Every time he laughs or smiles or coos, well pretty much everything
he does makes us smile or laugh, even pooping!

Maddix loves:
(I pretty much say the same things every month!)
To laugh and smile!
To blow bubbles and DROOL!!
(People keep telling me he may be getting his first tooth...Let's hope not.)
His swing, he sleeps in it every night.
To watch TV. He can just sit and stare at the lights forever!
To tell us stories, he coos all the time.
Bath time, he seriously loves it! He will talk and smile the whole time he is in there.
To be bounced, always has to be moving.
He loves it when I play with his arms and then tickle his tummy...
guaranteed laugh almost every time.
His monkey sack (this is what Eric calls it...the carrier that I put him in instead of his stroller)
To sit up, he is still trying to conquer holding up his head but what can ya do with a head so big!

Maddix hates:
Tummy time! We can only get him to lie on his tummy for a few minutes
and then he has had enough.
His carseat, we are getting better at just chillin in it,
but if he's not asleep he wants nothing to do with it.
The Bulb (the thing to get all his boogies)
When we stop at right lights or even a stop sign.

We Love you Maddix!

Naughty and Nice

We took Maddix to see Santa yesterday...
This was the end result of standing in line for over an hour and a half, being tired, hungry and maybe even a little scared!
(If you look close you can see a little tear running down his cheek)