Monday, January 11, 2010

Twenty Ten

So far in 2010 we have been having a ton of fun!
Last week we went to the Lehi Pool a couple times.
All the kids liked it but as Carson says its so "SCARY" when they turn on the dumping bucket!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

It's Official!

I am a Utah Valley University Grad!

After almost 10 years of being out of high school…

3 years of being done with going to classes and leaving 1 left to take…

I finally finished my last online course!

I don’t know why I waited 3 years to finish this ONE CLASS! It was so easy and only took me a couple weeks.

So glad to be done!


We went sledding for the first time with Maddix the day after Christmas and he actually really liked it. He would smile the whole time and kept saying “more!”

The girls all really like it too, but Cohen HATED IT!

We took them sledding again this last week and Cohen again was not having any of it.

Christmas 2009

This year for Christmas was our year to be with my family, we decided that we were going to stay home and celebrate and then the rest of the family would come down here for some after Christmas fun!

On Christmas Eve we all went up to my mom and Roger’s house and had hors d'oeuvres,. It was a different thing for us but we actually really liked it, we got a little bit of everything and it was plenty of food.

Then we came home and opened our traditional Christmas Eve present, PJ’s, then it was off to bed so Santa could come.

Christmas morning was great, except for the fact that Eric had been up all night, sicker than a dog and Christmas day was about the same. Poor Eric.

Maddix didn’t really care too much about opening presents but had a fun time playing with them after they were opened. Eric and I both had a great Christmas too. Eric got me a new Imac computer and he got a Wii. I am still trying to get use to a Mac.

We then had breakfast over at Dustin and Lisa’s with Cohen. Then came home and had a relaxing day.

That night the family came over for a Prime Rib dinner and some football games on TV.

We had a great Christmas and couldn’t wait for the rest of the family to get here the next day.

Christmas was a ton of fun but we missed Papa and Emily, luckily they came down earlier in the month to see us and even gave Maddix a really cool Harley!

Hawaii 2009

We had a great time in Maui.

We surfed, laid by the pool, played lots of volleyball, did some fake surfing on the Flow Rider, ate more steak than I care to remember, went to the spa a ton, went to the best magic/comedy show I have ever seen, and had tons of fun with friends.

Hopefully we’ll be back next year!

Well I made it through 8 days without seeing my baby.
I will have to admit the first couple days were extremely hard but after that it got a little easier. We talked to Maddix everyday on Skype, he would get so excited to see Eric and I.
Maddix had a great time with Oma, thank you so much for coming and taking care of him!

Weekend with Dhylan

At the beginning of December Dhylan came down and stayed with us for the weekend.
It was so much fun. Maddix and Dhylan had a great time playing together.
When one did something the other was right behind wanting to do the same. I had the tiniest taste of what it would be like to have twins...


For Thanksgiving this year we had the Mealey/Allebes family to our home for the 2nd time. It is always a lot of people but we love it.

While everyone was here we went Rock Climbing, the boys went to a Jazz game, we went to the Conference Center and saw Savior of the World, played lots of games, and ate a ton of food!

Thanks to everyone who came and we missed the Bushman family!