Friday, March 19, 2010

18 months

My sweet baby boy is now 1 1/2!
This post will simply not do justice to how amazing you are but one day I will make it up to you!

You are growing up so fast and I hate and love it all at the same time.
You are talking so much and love to try and say every word that mommy or daddy does.
You love to make animal noises. Your favorites are cat "meow" Dog "woof" Cow "moo" Dinosaur, Lion, Bear "Roar!"

You are so polite and love to say Please and Thank you! You can also sign both of these.

You love to play with toys that you can push. Your favorite as of late is the rolling pin. You roll it along the floor and even try to stand on it (Not such a good idea)

You love your mommy and daddy, especially dad. You hear him coming in the door and mom is no longer alive. You follow him around whenever he is home and when he is not home you walk around the house looking for him and saying "dad?"

You love to be outside. We can't wait for consistent warm weather so we can spend every day out there. You love it when you get to play with the neighbors, and love when Nana takes you on walks.

You are sleeping so much better. You still have nights a couple times a month where you are awake more than you are asleep. You love your binky and silky and I dread the day when we have to take those away.

I hope you always know how much your Mommy and Daddy love you and how proud we are of you. We can't wait for you to be a big brother.
I love you my happy, loving, kissing, snuggling, crazy Monster!
You make my life happier than I could have ever imagined. I am so glad you are mine.
We Love you Maddix!
Eating yogurt all by yourself!

You and Cohen got your first big boy haircuts

Loved playing with your Uncle Jackson

1 down...2 more to go!

Well some of you already know but for those that have thought we have fallen off the face of the planet we haven't, I'm just pregnant!

I am 12 weeks and am looking forward to this first trimester to be over (wish the sickness would go away with it :)

I have so many people to thank and since being on the computer makes me sick I'm going to make this quick!
Thank you so much to all my amazing Family and wonderful Friends!
I seriously could not be doing this without any of you.
Not only for the breaks and relief for me but especially for Maddix. I don't think you know how much he loves spending time with each one of you and your kids.
I owe each and every one of you HUGE!!
And thank you for sending me pictures, they're the only ones I have for the last couple months!

Enjoying Popsicles with Camryn and Kate

Playing oh so nice with Carson and Carlee

First time at the Dinosaur museum

Doing what we do most days...lounging on the couch and occasionally falling asleep in mommy's arms

Nana coming to play with us or take us for a walk