Thursday, January 13, 2011

Maddix you're Hilarious

I seriously love this boy!

He makes me laugh multiple times each day.

Whether it’s the way he talks (Yeas…he has a little lisp)

Or when he repeats something I don’t necessarily want repeated.

He is a crack up!

He loves Toy Story and anything that goes along with it.

He is such a picky eater but loves crisp bean burritos (A favorite of mine!)

He has a tender heart. His feelings are easily hurt but you can easily make it up to him with a smile.

He can’t help himself, he loves to smile and laugh, has since he was a baby.

He is a little bossy. Likes to tell me to sit, go, lay down, don’t do that.

He is contagiously so freaking cute! I just want to kiss him every minute!

He is a great big brother and loves to help me with Emery.
He loves his trains and we still plays daily with his train set.
He has a weird obsession with his tongue! He likes to lick things, clothes, shoes, feet, chairs, the floor, pretty much everything.

He loves his mommy and daddy and I hope that never changes.

I love him more than I can handle sometimes.

He is my favorite little boy!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Go Chargers!

For Eric’s 30th birthday I got him tickets to a Chargers football game.

We decided it would be fun to go to a different stadium and see them play the Broncos! That is my brother Dustin and his wife Lisa’s favorite team, so they came too!

It was super cold, but we had a great time!

Thanks Linda, Matt, Jessica and Brent for taking care of Emery and for being such gracious hosts!

Christmas in Cali 2010

This year we went to California for Christmas! We love going there to visit Eric’s family. I always have such a great time there. Eric has the best family and they have the funnest traditions!
Maddix and Kyler waiting for the plane!

Maddix didn’t really get “Christmas” this year. He didn’t get the whole Santa thing, he knows who he is but not that if he is good he will get presents!

Christmas Eve

Santa came and delivered some special gifts to the kids...

Maddix and Emery in their Christmas Eve PJ's!
Mad was loving on Emery :)
Christmas Morning

His favorite present by far this year was Buzz Lightyear! He flew him around all day and played nonstop with him.
Emery got a bouncer and she is loving it!
We played with our cousins, took some pictures, played frisbee golf and ate lots and lots of really yummy food!

Jaden was such a good cousin and played with Emery!
Don't we look hot!
We went and drove go-karts. It was fun!

We also went to the Sacramento Train Museum. Maddix was in Heaven! He loved the big trains and the little ones too!

Thanks Mealey/Allebes family for a great Christmas!

Emery at 3 months

Emery is getting so big!

Her hair is finally starting to grow back in and it is fuzzy all over! She is so much fun and is getting the cutest little personality. She has a ton of spunk and I am sure this is what we can expect from her.

She knows what she wants and is still a little high maitenence but I wouldn’t want it any other way.

She is still a great eater. And we love that she takes a bottle!

She does so well playing by herself. She loves to lay under her playmat and watch the lights. She also loves to stand. I cannot get this girl to sit. Emery also likes to roll over… has been for a couple weeks (from tummy to back) She loves her tummy time. Let’s just say she is an active baby!

She is a pretty good sleeper. She sleeps most nights at least 3-4 hours and is just recently starting to go 5-6 hours. She takes naps pretty well and does good on her own, without a swing (something Maddix never did.)

Emery loves:

To laugh. She has the cutest little chuckle and is for the most part pretty happy.

Her silky and binky. When she gets tired she pulls her silky up over her face. I love it!

Loves to watch lights and music. Either the TV or her play toys that have lights.

She loves to be held and talked to. She is constantly wanting to change positions, if she starts to get fussy I just turn her around and that usually makes her happy.

Emery Loves Maddix! She smiles at him all the time and follows him around. He is really starting to pay attention to her and loves to take care of her.

Loves her baths! She loves, loves them!

Loves to coo and talk. She is making the funniest noises and almost tries to imitate you when you talk (make noises) to her.

Loves her Mommy and Daddy!

Emery Hates:

Getting out of the bath. This makes her so mad.

Getting dressed (maybe that’s why she hates the bath, she knows whats coming next!)

To be ignored, she loves to be the center of any ones attention, especially mommy!

Her car seat. Most of the time she screams the whole time she is in it. Sometimes she will settle down but this doesn’t happen very often.

Emery we love you and your crazy little self!

We are so happy you are ours!

Emery Laughing...


This is our 4th year that we have gone to Maui in December with Apx.
It was such a blast!

We decided to leave Maddix behind with Nicole, Brady and the girls. He was in heaven playing with the girls.

Maddix waving goodbye as he left for Idaho with Papa.

Emery and I started our trip off with a good spray tan!

We had a great time in Hawaii.
We enjoyed the beautiful sun, the pool, Eric played a ton of volleyball, went boogie boarding, snorkeling, to Warren and Annabelle’s magic show, and hanging with great friends!

Emery and Zander's first trip to the pool, they both really liked it!

This picture is for Eric...getting you back for the great picture you posted of me last year :)

Happy birthday to Nana, you look great for 49! :)
We even did this awesome Zipline adventure. I thought I would be more scared than I was.
It was so nice having just Emery there with us. We were able to get to spend some one on one time with her and her with us. We just love her!
So sad...she got a sunburn on her face! I know worst mom ever!
A HUGE thank you to my fantastic mom and Aunt who came and helped with Emery. I know this wasn’t exactly a vacation for you but it made our vacation a whole lot more enjoyable!

And to Nicole. Thank you so much for taking care of my little boy! He had such a blast with you and the girls. I know it was a crazy week for you and I appreciate you more than you know!

White Christmas!

This post is a little late but I had to do it.
This was such a fun party.

At the beginning of December Ty and Staci threw the best White Christmas party!

Everyone came dressed in white and we had a hilarious white elephant gift exchange.

Eric decided that he was going to make this gingerbread house replica of Ty and Staci’s house.It turned out so awesome!
Yes it was made to scale...he went and took pictures of their house and then made a cut out replica in cardboard.

Thanks Ty and Staci!