Sunday, October 31, 2010


We started Halloween off this week by carving pumpkins.
Maddix would not wear any costumes so we decided that he would just wear his skeleton pj's and call it good. He looked so cute and so little in his pj's! Emery was a little Cheetah and was so warm and cuddly!
We tried to do a little trick or treating but it ended up pouring rain on us so we only lasted a few minutes at our ward trunk or treat.
Maddix wasn't so sure about it at first but as soon as he realized people were giving him candy he was all for it!

We then had a couple halloween parties. Eric won scariest costume at one and came in 3rd place for best overall at another. My costume was completely lame and came together 5 minutes before our first party! I promise next year I will come up with a killer costume!
Maddix was not scared of Eric at all, he thought he was funny.
Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

First SNOW

Maddix couldn't wait to get out and play in the snow!

One Month Old

Well I can't believe she has been with us for over a month now.

Emery is such a sweet baby and we love her so much.
I am still trying to adjust to having 2 kids but it isn't nearly as hard as I thought it would be.

At her 2 week appt she weighed 7 lbs 6 oz 50%, 20 1/4 inches 75%, Head 36.4 cm 75%
She was great and has been gaining weight like crazy! She loves to eat and eats a lot!
She has been sleeping really well at night and even in her own bed!

We have had a lot of visitors this month. My mom was here when she was born and stayed for just over a week. Then Eric's mom, Shenna, came for a week as well. It was so amazing having both of them here! Not only so they could get to meet Emery and spend time with her but for Maddix, he loved having them here. He still asks for Nana and Oma almost everyday!
Thank you to both of them for all the help and sacrifices they made to came and help!

Papa, Aunt Coley, and Uncle Jackson also came from out of town to visit too!

9 days after Emery was born her cousin, Zander, decided he couldn't wait any longer and came 3 weeks early! We are so excited that they will be so close!

She spits up a lot and also projectile vomits a lot. Yesterday we went to the dr to get it checked out. They decided that she needed to get an ultrasound done on her stomach to see what was going on. The doctors thought she may have pyloric stenosis (narrowing of the pylorus, opening from stomach to small intestine) which was causing her to throw up. Luckily she doesn't have this, they think she probably has acid reflux, so now we are on a medication to help with this. At her appt yesterday she weighed 9 lbs 6 oz. She is getting so chubby!

She goes from content to starving in a matter of seconds.
She looks exactly like Maddix as a baby.
She has 2 stork bites, one on her forehead and the other above her lip.

She already has her dad and mom wrapped around her little finger.

Emery loves:
To be swaddled. If she's not eating then she wants to be swaddled and asleep.
She likes her binky. Doesn't like to sleep with it at night but during the day she likes it.
Loves to be held! I love love holding her, she is so sweet and loves to cuddle.
Loves it when she is talked to.
Her daddy, brother, and mommy.

Emery hates:
To be put down for too long. If she is not eating or asleep she would rather be held!
Hates her hair bows, they always end up over her eyes.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Big Brother

Maddix has been so amazing with Emery.
He loves to help out when she is crying and loves to just sit by her and pat her stomach or head.
I knew I loved Maddix but seeing him be so sweet with Emery makes me love him even more.
Here are some other great pictures of my silly boy

Pumpkin Land

Last week we took Maddix to Pumpkin Land in Orem. They have a pumpkin patch, corn maze, lots of animals, and other fun things to do!
Maddix had a great time running through the corn maze and especially loved all the bunnies!

Thanks Mel for inviting us and Shenna for all your help!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

I Heart Skye!

We had another amazing experience with Skye Johansen!
These are just a few of my favorites.
She is seriously so talented...

Maddix was not loving having his picture taken at first, but then after a little while and a lot of chocolate he was ready...but only for a few pictures!

Thanks again Skye.
We Love them!

Emery's Birth Story

Well I am finally posting...
These last 2 weeks have been so fun and yet I am so tired!

I'll start off with Emery's birth.

Thursday September 23rd I went into the dr to have my regular appointment. While I was there I asked if I could get my membranes stripped. The Midwife agreed and then proceeded to do one of the most uncomfortable things! It was painful, but I can say it wasn't nearly as painful as labor!

Then I went home and decided that if this little girl was coming today I was going to be ready! So I cleaned my house, did a few loads of laundry and made sure the dishes were done. By about 3 pm I was having a few mild contractions but nothing too bad. I called my mom, sister and dad and told them that this was not likely going anywhere and that we probably wouldn't have a baby today.

By 5 pm the contractions were still pretty consistent, about 10-12 minutes apart, but not very painful or strong. I talked with my family in Idaho again and told them I would keep them posted. My mom was so sure that she was coming today that she said that she was on her way down to Utah after work.

At 6:30 Eric, Maddix, and I went out to dinner. I was still having contractions but still not too painful.
We got home from dinner around 7 and Eric started to put Maddix to bed, by 7:30 I felt like the contractions were finally progressing and so my sister and dad were told that they should probably be on there way, just in case.
After Eric put Maddix to bed at 8, the contractions became even more painful. I called my Aunt Karie, who lives in Saratoga Springs and she quickly got to my house.
By 9pm I was in a lot of pain and we headed to the hospital.
Got checked in at 9:15 and was dilated to a 7. Then I had to wait over an hour to get my epidural, worst hour of my life! By the time I got my epidural (10:47 pm) I was dilated to an 8. A few minutes after I got it life was good!
They immediately broke my water and then 15 minutes later my midwife came to check me and said that her head was crowing and it was time to push! Eric had run to the vending machine to grab a snack (poor guy almost passed out during my epidural!)
At 11:10 I started to push and about 4 pushes later our little girl was here!
I can't believe how quickly she came!
She had the cord wrapped around her neck and had swallowed a ton of fluid but besides that she was perfect!

These past two weeks have been amazing.
Maddix has done so much better than I thought he would. He doesn't really want to hold her, but doesn't mind when I do, and sometimes even goes up and talks to her, holds her hands and kisses her head.
He is such a good big brother!

Emery is such a good baby. Loves to eat and sleep!
Eric and I both think she looks exactly like Maddix, just in pink clothes and with bows in her hair!

We love you Emery!