Saturday, July 23, 2011

10 months

This last month flew by! I feel like our routine consists of a nap, playing outside, another nap, more time outside and then bed! With a little bit of eating and crying in between!

Milestones this month:

Emery can go down the stairs! She loves it! For the most part I can leave her unattended and she goes up and down all by herself.
She has 2 more teeth on the bottom, they are just barely breaking through but you can see them.
She eats no more baby food! She usually eats 1 bite and then spits the rest out. She loves big people food.

She can stand by herself. It still makes her a little nervous, but if she isn’t really paying attention she will let go of the furniture and just stand there.
Loves her standing/push walker! She pushes it all around the house.
Can drink out of a straw, most times.
No more swaddle. She was still being swaddled during naps a

nd then just her legs at night but she always gets out of it after about an hour. She is doing pretty well; her naps seem to have been affected a little but not too bad.
No more rocking her to sleep at night and for naps. After her bottle she is so crazy I just lay her down, it is almost like she is telling me to put her down. She is doing so well!
Emery is loving being more mobile. She loves to play outside and thinks she can keep up with the big kids. She chases and tries to run them over in her walker all day!

She has had kind of a rough month. Over the fourth of July she got really sick and it lasted about a week. She got Hand, Foot, Mouth Disease (I know, sogross!) and had sores all over her throat. The doctor said it was extremely painful and even gave her codeine for the pain. During that time she was also getting some teeth. We are finally just now getting better at sleeping through the night again.

Some of her favorite foods: Chicken, corn, beans, grapes, strawberries, pasta, yogurt, and carrots.

Emery Loves:

Binky and silky. I love that these are 2 staples in her life! I know when she is tired because she finds her silky and lays down on it.
Maddix. He is seriously her best bud. She loves to follow him around and play with everything he has. She loves him!
Mommy and daddy. She has been really attached to me this month, I think mainly because she was sick. I seriously can’t be out of site for 1 minute.
Bath time. I turn the water on upstairs and she comes climbing up those stairs so fast and goes straight into the bathroom.
Loves eating! She can’t get enough of people food.
Her standing push walker. Walks around everywhere!
Her baby! It was all of a sudden she found her baby and now she loves it! Gives her kisses and carries her around everywhere.
Music and me singing. I do not have a good voice and Maddix is not afraid to tell me to stop singing but Emery still loves it! She loves pat-a-cake and popcorn.

Emery Hates:

Being left alone. She is now such a fast crawler that she can keep up with me pretty good.
Having her face wiped.

Taking Medicine.

Having her toes painted! Seriously looks like a 2 year old painted her toes because she jerks around so much!

We were able to go to our Cousin Beckham's baby blessing and we also were treated to a visit from Oma, Grandpa and Opa!
Having a picnic outside
Listening to me tell a story to Maddix
Loving on her baby
Her 1st pony tail...yes I know it's barely there but so cute!
Loves splashing in the pool
Peek a Boo!

I Love this little girl!
Emery was cracking up and all I was doing was smiling at her! So funny!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Independence Day

We went up to Idaho for the 4th this year.

It was a great time despite Emery getting so sick.

We went to the parade and then most of the rest of the day was spent trying to soothe Emery. She screamed all day and all night, poor girl.

I love going home to Idaho for this holiday, wish we could have gone to the pool and seen the fireworks but maybe next year!

Playing in the backyard before the firework show...

Mad showing his moves on the tramp
Being oh so cautious while watching fireworks
I was able to see one of my best friends, haven't seen her in 3 years. It was so nice to catch up!
Watching the parade...

All the cousins
We even got a smile out of her...


For my birthday this year Eric surprised me with a quick trip to Laguna Beach!

Stayed at the amazing Montage, it was seriously the most beautiful place.
We rented really nice cars and had a blast driving around in these!
Went to a baseball game, went shopping and laid out at the pool!
Couldn't have asked for a better birthday.

The View from our Hotel
Thanks Shawn and Roxanne we had a fabulous time!

A huge Thank you to Shenna for watching Maddix and Emery! They had a great time playing with their Oma.

Mad Man Mealey

A post dedicated solely to my little man.
You have been loving life this summer. You keep me entertained all day long and are so hilarious!

Here are some things you have been up to!

You have been going to Kids Village for their summer program! You absolutely love it! You have learned about Amazing Animals, The Wild, Wild West, Campfires, S'mores, and the great Outdoors, Proud to be An American, and Under the Sea! Next you will be learning about The Enchanted Kingdom and Shovels, Pails and Grubby Fingernails!
You love being able to see your buddies! I can’t wait for you to go to preschool in the fall!

You are loving playing outside! You play on your blue plasma car and bike everyday! Most days you are the only little boy out there but that doesn’t seem to bother you. If you need some boy time you just go off by yourself or come sit with mom!

You are such a good big brother to Emery. You love playing with her, sharing your toys, giving her things to make her happy and taking care of her. You like to give her her binky, silky and baby. When she cries you always are so concerned.

You are also such a big helper with mom. You love to help me with breakfast, making cookies, cleaning up the yard, watering the plants and doing the laundry.

You miss your daddy so much. This last trip with dad being gone has been really hard for you. Everyday, multiple times a day you cry and ask for your daddy. Whenever you get hurt, sad, scared or for whatever reason you ask for him. When you see other people sad, or on TV, or Emery is crying you say, “It’s ok mommy, he/she just misses their daddy.”

You still have your binky and I am not too sure when I will take that away. Everyone I’ve talked to says that when they took the binky away their child quit napping and I am not ready for that!

You are hilarious Maddix. You are a non-stop talker and most of the time I am the only one who understands what you say.

Playing with your buddies outside
Helping mommy make cookies
Riding your bike, you are getting so good
All ready for school, you love your backpack and wear it around the house all the time
Skyping with daddy, oh how you miss him
Playing on your plasma car (skateboard) with your buddy Kyler
Swinging with sissy

The Girls

Kendahl, Payton, Dhylan and Aunt Coley came to visit us in June and we absolutely loved having them here!
We had so much fun!
We played in the sprinklers, went to the pool, and had a great time at the Strawberry Days Carnival!

Lindon Pool. I love this place...
Strawberry Days Carnival

All the kids loved this Dragon roller coaster.
Maddix's face was like this the entire time on the ride! He couldn't help it, He LOVED IT!
The parade is right by my house so it was fun to just walk over.
Nicole and I were also able to get babysitters one night and go out and celebrate our birthday! We had such a nice time out and loved being able to spend some quality time together!

Nine months

Emery is 9 months old!

I cannot believe it. Time is going so fast!

Milestones this month:

Emery is now such a great crawler. She has mastered it and is everywhere!

Emery is climbing the stairs. She is not very quick or steady yet but she loves it!

Her top 2 middle teeth broke through. For some reason when teeth come in for her it is really painful and she gets really fussy.

She is really starting to like baby food. She loves her fruits, especially banana and berries.

Started sleeping through the night! Most nights she sleeps without even waking up, some nights she still wakes up and cries for a couple minutes but then goes back to sleep! It has been so nice.

Emery grinds her teeth! It drives me crazy! She does it when she is concentrating, when she is frustrating and when she is just being silly.

Emery Loves:

Her silky and binky. As soon as she sees her silky she gets so excited and just rubs it all over her face.

The bath. This is her favorite time of day. Maddix and her play so well together and in the bath it’s their time to splash and tackle each other.

Her mom and dad. Whenever Eric comes home from a trip she is all over him! She loves it when he plays with her and especially loves when he tips her upside down.

Maddix. Every morning we get him out of bed together and as soon as we get close to his door she starts squealing and bouncing! She loves him!

Her walker. She plays in this all day outside! She can chase the older kids around and can get almost anywhere.

Music. She is starting to dance when she hears music.

The stairs. We spend most days on the stairs, she climbs up then I try to encourage her to come back down.

Emery Hates:
To be left alone. She is definitely having some separation anxiety! If she can’t see me she crawls and cries until she finds where I went. I get no privacy!

When Maddix takes toys away from her. She is starting to like certain toys and gets really upset when he takes them away.

We Love you Emery!

First time have a sucker and loving it!
I took it away for 1 second and it broke her little heart!
She really is such a sweet girl and has a very strong willed personality. She is changing so much everyday and I love it!