Wednesday, March 23, 2011

One Hundred Eighty Two

That's how many days I have been lucky enough to be Emery's mom!
That's right, she is 6 months old today!
6 month stats:
26 inches 75%
15 pounds 9 ounces 50%
Head Circ. 43.4 cm 75%

Emery is such a fun little girl. She is developing the sweetest personality and makes me laugh and smile daily.
This month:
Emery has gotten her bottom 2 teeth.
Learned to sit up all by herself.
Walk all over the place in her walker.
Talks and babbles non stop!

Emery is still not a great sleeper. She is usually up most nights for 2-4 hours crying and then sleeps for a couple and then is up again! We are working on this and hopefully she will get the hang of it soon!

Emery has started eating solids (rice cereal and vegetables). She still isn't so sure about them but she loves carrots!

Emery Loves Maddix. She follows him around all day. Whenever he gets close her little eyes light up and she smiles and tries so hard to grab him. Maddix is loving her too.
We have gone swimming a couple times and she really likes the water, I can't wait for summer!
Emery Loves:
Her binky and silky. She is really getting attached to her silky. She loves to suck on it, and has to have it near her almost all day. She loves to sleep with it and rubs it across her face when she is falling asleep.
To sit and play with toys. She loves her walker, jumperoo, and loves to just sit and hold things and of course everything goes in her mouth.
To laugh. She is obsessed with peek a boo right now. She laughs uncontrollably whenever I put anything in front of my face and then say peek a boo!
To talk and babble. She is so vocal and at times Maddix feels like he can't compete and that's when he tells her to "Be Quiet Emery!"
Her mommy and daddy. She is a little obsessed with daddy right now. Whenever he is in the room she follows him like a hawk, but whenever mommy leaves the room she cries!
The bath. Her and Maddix have been bathing together and she loves it! She splashes and talks the entire time.

Emery Hates:
Getting dressed. Which is too bad cause I love changing her outfits!
Being left alone, she hates when she is alone in a room.
If I'm holding her and I sit down, how do babies know this?!
We love you sweet Emery!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Swim Swim!

Yesterday we went to the Lehi Legacy center and went swimming!
Maddix had such a great time and Emery loved it too!
We can't wait to go back!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Snow, Sun, Snow

Utah has crazy weather!
One minute we have snow and another we are playing outside enjoying the sun.
We can't wait for spring but are enjoying, hopefully our last, snow!

Went on a walk to see the new baby lambs...
Building a snowman with Channing
One day Maddix thought it was warm enough to have a Popsicle!