Monday, August 31, 2009

B is for Baby...

Maddix loves his bath time.
Every time he gets in the bath he always starts searching for his favorite letter, and he Always finds it!
It is hilarious to watch him go crazy searching all the red ones and then throwing all the ones that aren't the "B" over his shoulder!

Who ever said I hated golf?

Last week Eric and I went on a little date and played some golf.
I really am not good at golf so I don't enjoy it very much...unless I hit a shot like this!
This was a Par 3 and I almost got a hole in 1!
My ball hit the flag and bounced back... I birdied this shot!

Here's Eric showing off his good swing...
Thanks Babe for going being patient with me the rest of the 8 holes! :)

Friday, August 14, 2009

Nobody likes a party pooper!

Party at my CRIB!
When: 1-5am
Guests: Binky, Silky, and Mommy
It'll be a great time :)
It's 2:45am and I'm still waiting for the last guest to arrive...
Where are you Mommy?
(Sorry such a bad picture, it was taken off the screen of our video monitor)
He is such a crazy baby, but sometimes I can't help but laugh!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Dhylan turns One!

This last weekend we went up to Idaho to spend the weekend with family and celebrate Dhylans' Birthday!
She was sick on her birthday so she didn't have a very good day.
Happy Birthday Dhylan, we love you!

Not sure about her cake...she didn't dive into it and would only take a couple bites from mom.
3 ducks in the tub! We love having these guys so close in age!

Matching Jammies!

11 months

Last week Maddix turned 11 months!
I seriously cannot believe that in less than a month he will be a year old! This year has gone by way too fast!

You are all over the place. You love "cruising" around furniture, finding anything he can push on the hardwood floors. Loves to crawl and loves his walker.

Stuck under the table...

Standing all by have only done this a couple times.

This last month we have tried to stay pretty busy. We have gone to the pool a ton and you love it! We also play outside whenever we can and you love to point things out wherever we are.
We also had some visitors this month, Nicole and the girls, your Great Grandma and Grandpa Mealey, and The Bushman family. We love getting to play with all our family!

You also got pretty sick this month. You had a really high fever and were really fussy. We took you into the dr and they said you had a bad ear infection. Once the antibiotics kicked in you were back to your happy self!

This is when you were spent most of the day like this, not asleep just cuddled up with mommy.
You still love your were so tired this night you kept crawling over to your silky and just laying your head down. So cute!
You love your front facing car seat and have to watch a movie whenever we are in there. The only one that really keeps you entertained is Baby Einstein Neighborhood Animals. It has dogs, cats, ducks, mice, and lots of animals that you just love!
Giving mom your big open mouth kisses!
Learned how to play Peek a Boo! You think it is so funny!
Maddix Loves:

His silky and binky.
When we get you out of bed in the morning. You are usually looking out of your crib or standing up waiting for us.
To be outside. You love to play in the grass, look at the trees and love walking around in your walker outside.
To play with his cousins and the neighbor kids. You are at the age where you love watching and trying to interact with the other kids.
Love to crawl and "cruise." We can't wait for you to start walking!
Loves food and his sippy! He is such a good eater. He still eats baby food and really likes it, but he also loves big people food! He loves fruit, watermelon and strawberries are his favorite. He loves his juice and rarely drinks water or anything else.
Loves his mommy and daddy.

Maddix Hates:

Being left alone. If I sneak out I can usually leave you alone in a room for a couple minutes but if you notice that you are alone it is all over!
Water. You spit it out like a fountain anytime it is in your mouth!
Not getting what you want when you want it. We have seen a few tantrums this month. I am a mean mom and usually just laugh at you :)

We love you Maddix and can't believe how big you are!

Kenny Chesney

Last month my mom, Roger, Nicole and I all went to the Kenny Chesney concert in SLC.
It was so hot, I think that day it was 108 degrees! That's why our pictures are so bad :)
But we had a great time and the concert was fun!
Not only did Kenny do a great job but we had some great entertainment all around us! There were fights and one crazy drunk guy, Roger was his best friend!