Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Monster Jam

Last week we took Maddix to the Monster Jam Truck Rally in SLC with the Haley, Jackson, Warren and Haus and Lauren, Brady and Boston.
Maddix was so excited to see the big cars, but I think his favorite thing was the Cannon Lady!

Emery really wanted to come, she even did her hair just for the occasion!

Maddix at 3 1/2

So many things I want to remember about you at this age. You are so hilarious and such a sweet, good boy.

I love that you are a momma’s boy, you do love your daddy but prefer your mom. You love to cuddle with me, give me kisses and are my constant best bud.

Right now you are loving Kung Fu Panda. You want to watch it all day! You love the movies and the cartoons. You also love Cars 2, Finn McMissile and Mater is your Favorite!

You love going to school and playing with your buddies. You get so excited to tell me what you are learning about. You love music class and really like when you get to watch a movie. You are learning your letters and doing so well. The other day you wrote your name for the very first time all by yourself! I was so proud!

You like playing sports, basketball, soccer and golf are your favorites. You and dad set up a score sheet, if you get 5 baskets, goals, shots in the hole then you get a prize. I think you like sports but this is a time you get to spend with daddy and I think this is the real reason you ask to play everyday.

Matchbox cars are your favorite toys, well any car really. For Christmas you got a Finn McMissile car that shoots missiles and you play with it daily.

You are so tender hearted and sometimes a little dramatic. You cry so easily and get your feelings hurt, but you usually quickly recover.

This was the first time you wrote your name, pretty good!

Taking a rest with Nana
Having a "Picnic" on the floor

You Love to Dance, this is you shaking your booty!
At school

We Love you Maddix!

Emery at 17 months

Emery is now 17 months old. I cannot believe how big she.

15 month Stats:

21.10 Pounds 30%
31 ½ inches 80%
Head Circum: 46.8 cm 74%

You have 16 teeth and have since about 13 months.

We have given you a few trims but we love your pig tails so we aren’t cutting it for awhile.

You got the flu for the first time, I felt so bad for you. You only threw up a couple times but I hated it. You wouldn’t eat anything for almost 2 days.

You are so smart and so observant. You copy almost everything we do and say. I feel like you are learning something new everyday.

You love to imitate everything we do. You hate messes and if you spill anything you run and get a towel to clean it up.

You know a few different parts of the body, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, tummy, toes, hands and head

Words you know: Balloon, lights, ball, up, down, thank you, more, please, mama, dada, Nana, juice, bink, baba(bottle), baby, no, uh oh eyes, mouth, nose, ears, mami (maddix or madi), car, wow, all done, ...I can't think of them all right now. You repeat almost everything we say, they other day I asked you if you wanted a piece of chocolate and you said “chocolate!”

Foods you love: Pretty much everything, there isn’t much you don’t like. You especially love vegetables, asparagus and broccoli are your favorite. You love beans, rice, chicken, and you absolutely love blueberries. Right now you are not liking bananas, turkey, or PB&J sandwiches.

You are out of control, my crazy child. You are into everything and at high speed. You want my constant attention and if I’m not paying attention you know just how to get it.

When we chase you, you cover your eyes and run! It is the cutest thing. You love to be chased and love to play hide and seek. Your favorite place to hide is in the pantry closet with Maddix.

You love to play with your babies and are obsessed with books.

You love animals and know a lot of their noises: Cow, dog, cat, pig, duck, bird, lizard, snake, sheep, monkey, alligator, Lion, and anything that is big says “Roar”

You love Maddix. You follow him around all day and love to be wherever he is. You love to give him kisses and always want whatever toy he is playing with. You want him the first thing when you wake up in the morning and are sad when he leaves for school.

13 Months Old

14 Months Old

15 Months Old

16 months old

17 Months Old