Thursday, August 25, 2011


Maddix went to his first day of preschool this week.
He did so well and was so excited! He asks me everyday if he can go to school. I love when he comes home and tells me what he learned about.

He came home and acted like he owned the place!
Can't believe how big he is!

Pool Party

We tried to go to the Lindon Pool yesterday. We got all ready, drove there and it was Closed! Maddix was so sad. So we came home and had our own "Pool Party!"

Eleven Months

It has been a good and at times painful month for you!

You got 4 new teeth this month. 2 on the bottom and your 1 yr molars broke through as well. Most of the time you were not a happy girl, well unless mom was holding you.

Milestones this month:

You have taken a few steps here and there but are generally still pretty scared.

You like to stand on your own.

She can wave hi. She has been trying to do this for a couple weeks but this week she finally figured it out!

Emery Loves:

To be active! She loves to chase Maddix around and be every where he is!

The bath. This is seriously her favorite part of the day. She loves to splash and is the biggest fish! She has no fear of water.

Her binky and silky. These are by far her most prized possessions.

To climb the stairs. Most of the time if I can’t find her this is where she will be.

To be outside. She doesn’t like her walker any more so now she either spider crawls everywhere and wants to push something around. Her newest obsession is baby strollers.

Food. She really is such a good eater. She likes specific things but eats them like they are chocolate!

Her kazoo. It is hilarious to see her blow on that thing and she thinks she is pretty funny too.

To be tickled. She has the best belly laugh.

To be sung to. Her favorite songs are This little Piggy and Popcorn Popping.

To go on walks. She loves being in the stroller and loves to see and point and things when we are outside.

To drink out of her sippy cup.

Otter-pops! Loves them!

Emery Hates:

When she is left alone in a room.

To have her binky and silky taken away when it’s time to eat.

Having a toy taken away from her. Maddix and her are starting to “fight” over toys. She can throw some pretty good tantrums.

Pushing her baby stroller everywhereLoved her spaghetti

Those white flecks are paint chips...she chews on her crib!
Maddix not so happy about this arrangement

Love, Love Them!

Oma and Grandpa come to visit

We were lucky enough to see Oma and Grandpa a couple times in the last couple weeks.Maddix absolutely is in heaven when they come to town.

We went up to Park city again and went on the alpine Slides. I think I like it as much if not more than Maddix does.

We also got to see Great Grandma and Grandpa Mealey as they were driving back from Canada

Tim McGraw Concert

We went to the Tim McGraw concert at the Usana.
The concert was good but the people watching was even better!

Idaho Falls Trip

We took another trip up to Idaho Falls for a couple days.
We went to the new water park in Rexburg, it was a great one and the kids had a blast!

Emery found her new obsession, baby strollers!
Maddix "playing" barbies with the girls. He would grab the boy barbies and just start hitting the girl ones...hmm wonder where he learned that?
We were able to be there for Dhylan’s birthday, can't believe she's 3!


When Eric came home for a couple days we took Maddix and Emery miniature golfing. He had a blast. His favorite part was putting the ball in the water.

Emery had a good time too.

Park City

A couple weeks ago we went up to Park City for a little get away.

Eric was gone traveling so I thought it would be the perfect time to get away. My friend Megan joined me, then the second day and night, Amy, Nichole and Lauren joined us.

We had such a great time. The kids did so well and had such a blast.

We went shopping, ate out, had lots of fun in the hot tubs and went to Park City Resort and went on the Alpine Slides. Maddix absolutely loved it. He asks me all the time if we can go back to Park City.

Stein Eriksen Lodge

The kids enjoying the balcony
Maddix and Emery loved playing in my bed

Mad on the Alpine slide
All of our kids in the hot tub. It got a little crazy and didn't last long...