Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Twenty Six

First off I want to wish my best friend of 26 years a very Happy Birthday! Only in the last 4 years have we not been able to spend the day together. I am so grateful to have Nicole as my best friend and as my sister! She is such a kind, caring, fun, loving person. I love her more than words could express and am lucky that she is the sister I was blessed with. Hope you had a great birthday seester!

Also I celebrated my 26th birthday! 26 seems pretty old :)
Eric wasn't able to be here for my birthday this year so we celebrated last week with dinner at Tucano's and a little shopping. He bought me a new camera, a nice one so I can take pictures of our little boy! He also got me a massage and pedicure which I will be getting tomorrow. I am so excited!
Then this weekend my mom spoiled me. She had me up to her house for a BBQ on Sunday with family, first real hamburger of the season for me, so delicious! Then on Monday my mom, Dustin, Lisa, and I went out to lunch to celebrate! Thanks Guys!
Monday night my good friends, Amy, Megan, and Stephanie took me out to dinner. We went to Chili's...the main reason I wanted to go there was to have my favorite all time dessert CHOCOLATE MOLTEN CAKE!!!
And it was delicious!
Thanks again to everyone for making my 26th birthday so great!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

" Any man can be a Father, but it takes a special person to be a dad. "

Today is Father's day and I just wanted to let my dad know how much I love and adore him. Growing up he was such an amazing, fun dad and now that I'm older I still enjoy every time I get to see him. He is loving, kind, funny, strong, a great example to us and so much more. I can't wait for our little boy to meet his Papa! Love you Dad!

I am also grateful for Eric's dad. He is another amazing father. I know that Eric looks up to his dad so much and I am so grateful to him for the example he is to us.

And then to Eric...He is going to make a great dad in a couple months. I can't wait to see him in action and I know that he is going to love our son so much. I'll never be able to express how grateful I am for him and for the man and husband that he is. I am truly so in love with him and count myself very lucky to have him in my life.
Also to all our Grandpas, Uncles, Brothers, and Friends...
Happy Father's day to you!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Blakley and Camden get Married!

On Friday my cousin Blakley married our friend and neighbor Camden Cook.
It was such a beautiful wedding. They got married at the White Willow in Provo,
it was so cute and everyone had such a great time.
Kendahl and Payton were the flower girl and ring bearer.
They did such a great job and were so dang cute!
Lisa, Nicole, and I took the opportunity to get some pictures of the 3 of us.
We may not all be together again before we start having these babies...
and yes I am bigger than both of them!
A few people even asked me if I was having TWINS!! :)

Eric had a meeting at Apx this weekend so I was lucky to get to
have him at the wedding with me.

From Coast to Coast...

Well I don't have any pictures to post but just wanted to comment a little on my latest trip. I just got back from traveling with Eric, we went to Florida for a couple days and then headed to his hometown of Sacramento. He is lucky this year to have two offices in such WARM, fun places. I was able to see some friends, hang out with my in-laws, do a little shopping, lay out by the pool (give my little tummy and baby a nice sunburn...stupid me!), and get to see Eric everyday for a whole week!

It is nice to be back home now, at least for a little while.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Well the last month has been crazy!
I went up to Idaho Falls for about a week to spend some time with family and celebrate my niece Kendahl's 4th birthday. We had such a great week....almost everyday we jumped on the tramp and played on the swings. I however did NO jumping, but Kendahl and Payton wanted me to at least sit on the tramp with them. Kendahl had a great b-day party with a princess barbie cake, it was her favorite thing of the entire day.

The next week I was able to travel with Eric to Pennsylvania to visit 2 of his offices. 1st we went to Philadelphia. Thanks Jessica for keeping me entertained while I was there...we went shopping, went out to eat, and just hung out. I didn't get any pictures from this 1st visit. Next we went to Pittsburgh. Staci had a ton of little activities for me to do while I was there...we went to the building where a scene from Silence of the Lambs was filmed, went to lunch, swimming and I even went to a little baby shower. All in all it was a great week and I was able to see Eric everyday...even if it was only for an hour or so. I always love getting to spend more time with him.
This is an addition to the post: I forgot to add that Eric's family was here for Memorial Weekend...we didnt' get to spend a ton of time with them because we were in Pennsylvania but we did get to see them for a day or two. Jaden turned 3 and got a Transformers cake (which was delicious...great job Mel!).

The next week my sister and her girls came down to visit. We were hoping that the weather would be great and that we would be able to lay out, but it seemed like that wasn't meant to happen! Everyday we'd run errands and by the time we got home it would be cloudy. The girls didn't seem to mind so we filled up our little Wal-mart pool and they played for hours most of the days! Nicole and I got a ton of shopping in and also planned for my cousin Blakley's bridal shower. Thanks Nicole for all your help! On Saturday we had a great shower and Blakley walked away with tons of great stuff! Thanks to all who came!
I also got my first piece of baby furniture...my new wall unit/changing table was delivered and I am so in love with it! Can't wait to work on the rest of the nursery!

Eric and I were supposed to fly out Sunday for Sacramento and then to Florida but Eric forgot his wallet at home so our great friend Jason brought it up to the airport for us at 8AM! We still missed the flight by about 1 minute...so now we are here for a day or two and then we will be leaving! I am so excited for some really HOT weather!

Eric has been super busy with work while he's been here but has managed to do the following:
-Plant a new tree...that I love!
-Make plans to totally change our house...yep a complete remodel (details to come!)
-Work, work, work!
-Oh and find a grey hair on top of his head! I think he's been stressin a little too much lately!

Here is the latest picture of my ever growing belly!
I am now over 24 weeks (6 months down...3 and a 1/2 to go!)
I have a feeling that I am going to be HUGE by September! I CAN'T WAIT!!!