Saturday, November 12, 2011

2556 Days

Eric and I celebrated our 7 year anniversary in Vegas!
Went to a great show, “O”

Went out to dinner with great friends, wish they lived closer!
We ate at our favorite place, Joe’s Seafood
Went out to the dunes and got a little crazy!
Should have saved our money on this excursion but still had a great time

Had an awesome massage

And even got in a little shopping.

Couldn’t have wished for a better weekend.

Thanks Mom, Roger, Dustin and Lisa for watching our kids!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Breaking Dawn

So whenever I tell people I’m throwing a Breaking Dawn party they always kind of look at me a little weird. I’m not a crazy Twilight fan, but I do love parties and I Have read all the books and I did Love them. The movies not as much but I do love the books!
Decided to do a wedding theme and it turned out perfect!
We had tons of flowers and luckily for me Megan took a floral arranging class at BYU!

It was so fun planning this party.
I had so much help and I couldn’t have done it without them.

Thanks to:
Aunt Karie

Halloween Program

Maddix had his first school program last week. He had so much fun but couldn't stop waving to mom and dad.
Great job Maddix!

Little Sprout

Maddix loves going to preschool and loves his teacher, Miss Jessie.
He can't wait to get home and tell me all about what he did, ate, colored, and learned!

Love this sweet face!


This month has been a crazy month! We did so much fun stuff for Halloween.
Get ready for a ton of pictures!

We wore our costume almost everyday! Emery was feeling a little let out so she put on Maddix's sweatshirt and wore that around, she is such a copy cat!
We went to Hee Haw's! Maddix had a blast here.
He loved the slide and love the animal train!
Emery was not so sure about the slide.

Went to Thanksgiving point and to the dinosaur museum with Nana

And to Cornbellys and got our face painted!
Had a fun time at a super cool Halloween party.
Went and picked out pumpkins

Then we carved pumpkins. Both Emery and Maddix loved this

Wore Halloween clothes and PJ's every chance mom got!
Emery was not too excited about her costume but once she got outside she forgot all about it and have so much fun eating loads and loads of candy!

Maddix and Cohen showing me their scary faces!
At the ward trunk or treat

All the cute kids