Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Oh Skye...

You've done it again!
Thank you for these amazing pictures of my kids!
I seriously love them!


We had a great Easter. We were able to spend the day with Eric before he started his crazy summer and lots of traveling.

We started off by dyeing eggs with Cohen. The boys thought this was so fun.

Emery and Zander had a great time hanging out with each other!
Then we had an Easter Egg hunt at the Jones’. This was Maddix’s first egg hunt and he actually did pretty good, he loved finding the eggs but couldn’t resist opening each one and eating the candy after he would find them.
Then we had church on Sunday then went up to Nana and Papa Rog's for dinner and another egg hunt, this time the boys were pros!
I am so thankful for my savior and for the true meaning of Easter.

Emery at 7 months

7 months

Time is seriously flying by!

Emery got a double ear infection this month along with getting teeth, it was a rough month for her.

We also got her 7 month Skye pictures done and I am completely obsessed! I will do a separate post about this!

We are still working on the sleep training. Some nights she does ok, but for the most part she still is crying 1-3 hours (straight) a night. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that she will figure this out soon!

Emery’s milestones this month:
Finally figured out the army crawl, it is crazy how fast she. Unlike Maddix, Emery is into everything! I guess I will need to baby proof my house!

She is getting 2 more teeth, not the top middle ones but the ones next to them. One has broken through but the other one is taking it’s time.

Quit nursing, she hasn’t been that interested in it for about a month and a half but this month she really quit. It was a sad day for me, I really wish I could have nursed her longer. I do have so much milk stored that she gets at least one breast milk bottle a day.

She loves to shake her head no. If she sees me do it and then if I say No, or even sometimes on her own. It is so cute!

Emery Loves:

Her binky and silky. She is now officially obsessed with her silky! If she sees it she has to have it. She will crawl great lengths to get it.

Maddix! Even though he has started to terrorize her she still loves him. She lights up and smiles whenever he is close. In the car they are best buds and maddix constantly is getting her to laugh.

To be mobile/moving. Whether it is in her walker, crawling, jumperoo or in my arms, she is constantly moving!

The bath. Now that she is sitting up without falling over she loves to sit in the bath with Maddix and splash! She loves running water and hates when she has to get out.

Her mommy and daddy. She loves Eric. Whenever he is in the room she is following him, I think she has her daddy wrapped around her finger!

Her toy rattle. It is by far her favorite toy, second would be a spoon and third would probably be anything of Maddix’s, hence the terrorizing!

To talk, yell, scream, babble, laugh…we love that she is so vocal!

Emery Hates:

Eating her baby food, well most of the time. For some reason she is still not that interested in it.

Being left in a room alone. She has a slight case of separation anxiety. If I leave the room she gets a little upset.

She does not like getting dressed or getting out of the tub.

We love you Emery!

Playing with her best bud!
Loves the running water
Made her crawl to her silky and it wore her out!
Enjoying a beautiful day!

Maddix, Maddix, Maddix

(He put himself in this pose, ha ha, so cute!)

Oh Maddix as I sit here typing this you are driving me crazy, but in a good way! You never. Ever. Ever. Quit talking! Seriously never! Right now you are babbling on about how you didn’t want me to eat that doughnut, and how you want me to fix your car, and pull the trigger back on your gun, turn on your cartoon and get you some chocolate and a sucker! SO which is it? What do you want?!

You are now 2 ½ and I can’t believe by the end of the summer you will be 3! You are still my baby and I don’t want you to grow up!

You are seriously so funny. Here are a few things I want to remember at this age.

The other day there was a truck in front of our house and you wanted it to move so you could drive your car around. So you started pushing with all your might thinking you could move it.When you realized that was going to work you asked me to come help you and then got so mad when I couldn’t move it either.

You have the best memory. You went to this store 1 time with your daddy about 2 months ago.We went there again this week and as soon as we walked in you asked Where’s the doggy? (Apparently the owner keeps a dog in the store with him) and then also asked where the vacuum was and then went directly to the place they stored it.

You are obsessed with cartoons. You love Mickey Mouse, Neverland Pirates, Little Einsteins, and Calliou. You also love Movies, Tangled, Jurassic Park, and Toy Story.

You love to play with Cohen and ask for him daily. You also love to play with all your friends!We can’t wait for summer so we can go outside!

You love to pray and are so cute when you do.

You still are the pickiest, hardest kid to get to eat. We are making progress but it is slow! Tonight you actually ate carrots and I think you liked them...or maybe it was the ranch.

We are starting potty training this week and I am a little nervous! Hopefully it goes smoothly!

You make your mommy and daddy and so many others so happy!


Wears these dinosaur boots daily!
When I put down Emery he usually climbs into his crib to get his binky and silky. Yes he is still in a crib, yes he still has a binky and no I'm not changing that anytime soon!
At Home Depot building a flower basket!


We love when family comes to town. We were lucky enough this month to get to see Eric’s parents and also my family.

Maddix loved being able to play with Jaden and Kyler! He asked morning and night to play with them. He also loved getting to spend some time with Oma and Grandpa. Come back soon!

While my family was in town Maddix took full advantage of Papa and Uncle Jackson and made them take him over and over again on his wiggle car!

(My dad and Jackson took a ton of pictures so I will have to steal some from them)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Be All You Can Be

Emery has been practicing her Army crawl for a little over a month and has now almost mastered it!
She is getting really fast!

(Don't mind the techno music, Maddix was downloading videos on You tube!)