Saturday, June 26, 2010

26 weeks

Well I am now into my 3rd trimester! This pregnancy has been flying by. I have been feeling great and love my big belly and that this baby moves like crazy ALL DAY LONG!

Maddix loves to point to my belly and say “Baby” and also to give it kisses. He is a little jealous if I touch another child/baby, but I really think he is going to be such a great big brother.

I had a dr’s appt yesterday and everything is looking good. I am measuring right on and gaining lots of weight! I am excited that in another month I get to have another ultrasound and see this little girl again!

Now we just need to figure out what we are going to name her!

June 2010

June has been a super crazy month…

The weather has finally been nice so we have been spending a ton of time outside!

We traveled with Eric for a couple weeks, had our cousins come and visit and had lots of fun with all the neighbors!

Loving my own Jamba!

Traveling with Eric

Maddix and I had were lucky enough to get to go and travel with Eric for a couple weeks.

We are now back home and looking forward to what July has to bring!

Eclipse party and 4th of July both coming up next week!

Maddix had his own seat on the plane..he loved it!


We first went to Houston. It was HOT!! We had such a great time with everyone there.

They had this great play ground that we went to almost every night, way late becaue it was too hot any other time!

We also went to the Children’s museum...

They have the coolest pool at their apartment complex. We spent everyday here!

Maddix became quite the little dare devil. He is now obsessed with the pool and has NO FEAR! He runs and jumps in and I was left trying to keep up with him and jumping in after him. Let’s just say it was a workout for me!

He now loves to splash, thinks he can swim by himself and loves to jump off the edge of the pool. It was such a blast!

They have this place where kids get free ice cream

We also went to the park and saw ducks, turtles, and beavers.

Went shopping at the biggest mall ever, and had tons of fun just hanging out!!

Thanks so much Jess, Kelty, and Walker for hanging out with us and keeping us entertained and also for all the yummy dinners!


Next we headed to KC.

We had a little trouble with our flights getting there because of bad weather so by the time we got there it was too late for Eric to go knock so we decided it would be fun to celebrate my birthday early since he would be working on the actual day. So we went to this really cool outdoor mall and shopped. He got me new bedding for our bed, which I love, and also a new wallet, which I was in desperate need of! Then we went to dinner and were just able to hang out, it was such a great day and so nice to be able to spend it together!

I didn’t take a ton of pictures in KC, I think it’s because almost everyone out there was either pregnant or had a tiny baby, but everyday we did something fun.

On Fathers day we loved spending the day with Dad. We got these cute pictures taken (Maddix did not want to do this!) Staci made us the best dinner we’ve had in a long time and then the guys had an intense volleyball game.

We love our daddy!

The next day all the wives that could went to lunch at this great Itialian rest called Bravo (Staci can you send me some of that bread J)

We spent lots of time at the pool and lots of time with all the wives there.

On Tuesday a few of the wives threw a baby shower for the 4 girls that are having babies out there…Staci and Chelsea included me in on that shower. And although it was so not necessary, it was so fun! Thanks girls for a great time!

The next day was my birthday. We went to the pool that morning with Eric before he went to work and then for lunch a few of the wives all went out to lunch! We went to Chili’s, basically so I could have a molten! And it was delicious! Thanks Staci for lunch!

Maddix didn't want to share the Molten...

That night we had craft night at one of the girls houses. We made jewelry…I made a few baby braclets for our little girl. Can’t wait for her to wear them.

Maddix trying on his craft idea!

Later that night Staci bought cupcakes for my “cake.”--- Thanks everyone for making my birthday so great!

Thanks to all the wives for being so nice and letting Maddix and I play with you!
Thanks so much Staci for feeding Eric and I and letting Maddix play with Rocco!

Visit from the cousins

At the beginning of the month my sister and her girls came down for a visit. They stayed for a week and we had such a great time. We went to the pool a couple times and spent lots of time outside

Dhylan and Maddix became best friends…they seriously did everything together. They tackled each other, followed each other every where! Wherever one went the other was right behind them!
We missed Cohen!

Kendahl and Payton were able to go to the fire station and see where Camden works...they loved it and especially loved Camden :)
Maddix was in heaven all week!
The girls kept him so busy and entertained, he was so sad to see them go.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Twenty Eight!

Happy Birthday Mama!

Happy Birthday Natalie!

28 reasons why you are the best!

1. You are beautiful. From the first time I saw you and more as time goes by, you are the most beautiful woman on this planet.

2. You are a great wife.

3. You are a phenomenal mother. When I get Maddix up in the morning I can usually get about 30 seconds of love from him before he starts saying, "Mama, Mama, Mama."

4. You’ve got a Franklin-Covey planner built in to your brain. You can overhear me say something on the phone to someone, and days later remind me, “You’re supposed to call that guy at 10, remember?”

5. You were perfectly punctual until November 11, 2004; you were always on time for everything. What happened to you?

6. You are calm. You deal with situations calmly and can handle whatever is thrown at you even when things start piling up.

7. You are capable. You have a lot on your plate. Dealing with church, family, managing our finances, maintaining our house and Maddix and myself pulling you in different directions, you get things done.

8. You are patient.

9. You never complain.

10. You are always to gracious to people.

11. Funniest person Maddix ever met. You two are a match made in Heaven. You’ve been busting him up since he was 3 months old.

12. You put up with my obsessions. The picky eating, the animal shows, always wanting to move when you’d rather relax.

13. You are naturally a good person. I love that you find a way to make it to church even when sick or out of town, remind me to pray and turn off shows and music that are bad.

14. You love the beach. You could sit by a pool or beach for the rest of your life. (In fact, you love them so much you might want to move to Texas, California or Hawaii)

15. You love mashed potatoes. Obviously you’re from Idaho, the way you slam a spud.

16. You love sports! Not many women remind their husbands that the game is on. Our first trip to San Diego was one of my favorite trips I’ll ever go on.

17. You love to work on the house. I love the yard; you love the house. It works out great.

18. You have a chemical dependence on Grey’s Anatomy. If they cancel that show, I’m afraid we’re gonna lose you.

19. When you like a movie, WHOA NELLY! You either watch it 50 times or devote three months of your life throwing a monster ball for Edward and the Wolf-boy.

20. You have good taste. Thank Heaven you dress well and, other than that dead twig arrangement; the house always looks great.

21. You’re not afraid of working hard or getting dirty. When we’re helping someone move, you carry bigger loads than I do.

22. You go to bed earlier than anyone I know.

23. You use coupons at the grocery store! Ha-Ha. Coupons! You’re so frugal.

24. You have a protective son. You can’t even high five another little boy or girl with out Maddix running over and claiming his Mommy.

25. You can listen to Handy Manny, Thomas the Train and Diego for 10 hours a day and not lose your mind. “Diego! Stop screaming at the top of your lungs all day!”

26. You hike with me. Getting away from everything with you and Maddix is the best.

27. Time spent with you and Maddix on the floors of our house and at apartments and hotels across the country will always be one of the best times of my life.

28. You married me, which makes me the luckiest person alive.

Thank you and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Love, Eric and Maddix