Friday, May 29, 2009

We LOVE to be outside!

We have been getting out as much as we can while we have this great weather!
Watching Daddy plant our garden, can't wait for the vegetables!

So cool in my shades!

We had Cohen over for a play date in our new pool! We love it!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Thanks Grandpa

This is one of Eric's favorite picture of Maddix

Thanks Grandpa Mealey

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

We had a great day today.
My Grandma and Grandpa, mom and Roger, Blakley, Dustin, Lisa and Cohen all came over for dinner. Eric grilled some killer Halibut, Salmon, and Chicken and we had tons of other great food! It was so nice being able to spend Mother's day with my mom, she is such an amazing woman. I love you mom!

I am also grateful to be a mother. Maddix is the sweetest little boy. He makes me laugh everyday and smile more than I thought possible. I am so blessed to be his mom.
I am also grateful for all the other moms in my life, my mother in law, sister, sister in laws, grandmothers, and Aunts! Thank you for always being such great examples to me!
Hope all you Mother's and "someday" moms had a fabulous day!

Welcome Home Dad!

Too bad we were at the wrong terminal

Friday, May 8, 2009

Eight Months

Maddix turned 8 months old yesterday.
It has been a crazy month. Eric started to travel and has now been gone for 2 weeks, he comes home tomorrow and we are both so excited to see him. We have been talking to him on the computer via Skype and Maddix just lights up whenever he sees his daddy. When we are done talking Maddix tries to see where Eric went, he thinks he’s hiding behind the computer.
It has been so nice lately so we have been spending a lot of time outside, Maddix is getting a nice little baby tan.
He also got his first two teeth this month. They are still not all the way up and sometimes I think that they really hurt cause he will just cry and grab at his mouth. Makes me so sad.
He also has now officially rolled over from back to front. I think it will be a while before he crawls but I’m ok with that.
Maddix still cries almost every night. Sometimes it lasts 5 minutes and sometimes it goes on for hours! We don’t know what else to do but let him cry. I hope that he just grows out of this phase and learns to sleep!
We had a visit from Aunt Coley and the cousins and also from Papa and Emily. While Nicole was here we went to the Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving point, pictures to come…(we forgot our cameras so we had to use a disposable, I think it has been forever since I developed a roll of film!)
We also get to hang out with Cohen a lot because Uncle Dustin has been traveling too. Aunt Lisa has been taking some pictures of Maddix and they have turned out so good!
Nana and Papa Rog were sealed in the Draper Temple this month and we were able to be part of their special day, congrats!
Maddix Loves:
To lay on his tummy and turn in circles. He is getting so mobile. To think he can crawl. He is always lunging to grab stuff and constantly climbing all over me and all his toys.
To stand! This is his favorite thing…he loves to be put up next to furniture and just play. He is so close to pulling himself up onto the furniture.
To be outside. He loves going for walks, playing on a blanket, and especially playing with all the neighbor kids. He loves little kids and also dogs!
To laugh and talk! He is so ticklish and thinks it is so funny when he gets tickled!
His blue baby paper. Thanks Nana! It is seriously his favorite toy these days. He will just scream if I take it away.
His mommy and daddy. I am afraid that he is going to become a major mommas boy this summer!
To eat! He is such a good eater. We have been slowly introducing more “big people” food. He loves cheese, strawberries, and bread. It is so fun to see him try new things!
Still loves his silky.
Bath time! He has been taking baths in the kitchen sink and I think he looks forward to eat every night!
To sit in the bathroom sink while I get ready.
To shake his head no!
Maddix Hates:
Getting his diaper changed, he just twists and turns the whole time.
Getting dressed.
Taking medicine, he had an ear infection and most of time the medicine ended up all over his clothes cause he would spit it right back out.
If I’m not sitting right next to him. I have to be within touching distance most of the time. Waiting to be fed. He is very impatient!
We love you Maddix.
Look at those two handsome boys and their big smiles!

Loving bath time with his cousins!

Thanks Lisa for the cute pics and Steph for the cute props!
Oh how I love this little boy!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Let me out!

Lately Maddix wants nothing more than to be outside!
Sometimes I need to get stuff done around the house and when he gets crazy all I have to do is open up the back door and set him in front of it and he is in heaven!

I think he is going to be like his daddy....wanting to be moving and outside all the time!

Maddix's first teeth

About 2 weeks ago we noticed Maddix was getting his bottom 2 teeth!
Not the best picture...every time I would try to get one he couldn't keep his tongue in his mouth!