Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Happy 30th Birthday!

Today Is Eric's 30th birthday!
Really, 30?! It seems like yesterday you were 23 and we had just met!
Eric we hope you have a great day and a fabulous 30th year!
We Love you so much and couldn't ask for Anything more!
No one could ever compare! You are such an amazing Dad. Maddix and Emery love you so much and have so much fun when you play with them.
I am sO lucky that you aRe my husband. You are such an Amazing man.
Sorry we aren't abLe to spend your Actual birthday together, I promiSe I will maKe it up to you!
Have so much fun pheasant hunting and we cAn't wait to celebrate with you when you get home!
Happy 30th Birthday!

He chose IRELAND!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

2 months

2 Months Old
Did I seriously just type that?
I can't believe Emery is 2 months already, time is flying by!

We had her 2 month check up today and she is doing so well
11 lbs 3 oz 75%
22 3/4 inches 75%
Head Circ. 40 cm 75%

She also got 3 shots today...I always have to Eric come at least to this first appointment cause it almost makes me more upset than it does the baby. She cried so hard and took it like a champ!

Emery has been such a fun and often times challenging baby!
She is very high maintenance, she is seldom content just hanging out.
We spend a lot of our time, bouncing, rocking, swaying, swinging, and trying to figure out what new thing we can do that will soothe her.

At the same time she has many days where she is as happy as can be! She loves to smile and coo.
It is amazing to me how much she already loves Maddix. If he is in the room and is actually paying attention to her, she smiles, coos, and follows him around (with her head) everywhere!

She sleeps ok most of the time. She seldom sleeps with me (breaks my heart a little) andusually sleeps pretty good in her own bed.
She loves, loves to eat! She actually takes bottles which is a great thing!

She really is such a sweet baby and we love her more and more each day.

Emery Loves:
Her binky! She can such on that thing so hard it leaves an indent on her face
Her bouncy chair, loves that it vibrates and loves that it gives mommy's legs a workout!
To eat and sleep! She still pretty much does this all day long.
Maddix, call me crazy but I'm sure they were best buds before coming to our family.
To look at the TV or lights
To smile and coo. She is so easily entertained
Her bath, she can spend forever in there and is always so happy.

Emery Hates:
To be put down. I hope that this goes away and that she ends up liking to be on her own a little more
When she isn't done eating or when she needs to take a break, she loses her mind until she is eating again!
To have her nose wiped, she had cold and having her nose wiped was the worst.
To get shots, made apparent by today's dr visit

We Love you sweet Emery and are so glad you are ours!

Crazy little boy

Oh how I love this little boy!
He is so much fun and is developing such a personality!
We watched Toy Story 3 for the first time the other day and now he is obsessed.
With me not feeling so hot we have watched it everyday at least 3 times a day!

One morning he came down with these boots on. Now almost everyday we wear those boots with some outfit...this day it was just a diaper!
We went to the Dinosaur museum with Cohen, Warren and Haus!
Had such a blast!
Played outside while the weather was still nice.
One of Maddix's favorite hiding places
Fishing off the couch!

Worse than Labor?

So after a fabulous night spent with Eric for our anniversary our night turned from great to terrible!

My side had been aching for a couple days but nothing too bad. After we picked up Maddix and Emery from my moms we came home and I went straight to bed. I felt like the pain in my side was getting worse and at this point was making me a little nauseated.

After sleeping for about 45 minutes I woke up and ran straight to the bathroom, where I spent the next 2 hours throwing up. I reluctantly woke up Eric and told him what was going on. After much persuasion from him we headed to the ER to see what was going on.

I continued to throw up and they gave me some pain meds, the first dose didn't do much but after the second stronger dose I fell right to sleep. They came and woke me up and took me in to do a CT of my abdomen.
After being in the ER for about 5 hours they found that I had a ton of kidney stones. Normal kidney stones measure 2-3mm, I had a couple that were that size, 2 that were 5mm and then one that was 9mm! The one that was 9 had started to move from my kidney down the urethra and that is what was causing so much pain!

They sent me home with some pain meds and told me to see a urologist on Monday.
On Monday the urologist scheduled me for surgery on Wednesday to break up the stones and push the 9mm one back up into my kidney so I could pass it.

Needless to say the last week and a half has been miserable! I will honestly say that compared to labor it was not as bad but the fact that it lasted 9 days rather than a couple hours was excruciating!
I never want Kidney stones again!!

6 Years

On November 12 Eric and I celebrated our 6 year anniversary!
Saturday the 13th we dropped the kids off at my mom and Roger's and went out for the evening.

We went to a movie, went to dinner and then had a fabulous massage at The Sanctuary!
We really did have such a great time, and a huge Thanks to my Mom and Roger for watching Maddix and Emery!

I am so lucky to be married to such an amazing man, who loves me and loves our kids!
Thanks babe for making these the best 6 years of my life!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Emery's Blessing Day

Yesterday Emery was given a name and a blessing from her daddy.

Thank you to all the family and friends who attended.

Zander was also given an amazing blessing from his dad.
These two are so cute!