Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift Tickets: $80
T-Shirts for my nieces: $90
Getting Moved to almost the front row and seeing the joy and excitement that was on my nieces faces: PRICELESS

Awhile back we got tickets to go to the Taylor Swift concert. I didn't pay much attention to where our seats were, so when we got there I was a little disappointed that we were 3 rows from the very top of the Energy Solutions Arena. But my nieces were so excited that it didn't really matter...until my sister got us almost front row tickets! She happened to come across someone that worked at the Arena that was giving away front row seats! We got 10 seats for all of us to move down to the front. By far one of the best concerts I have ever been to, Taylor put on an amazing show!

Lake Powell

For Eric's Year End Region trip we headed to Lake Powell.
125 people
5 Huge houseboats with 2 backed up sewage tanks
3 Tents
7 boats
Lots of Volleyball, Food, Boating and FUN!

We had a great time, thanks everyone for coming!

We slept in that tent, I haven't slept in a tent for probably 10 years! It was so much fun and if we go again I will definitely do that again!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Look WHOO's One!

Emery and Zander turned 1!
We had such a fun time at their party!
Thanks again to everyone who came and helped. Lisa you are so creative, thanks for always thinking of such cute things to do and ALL the details!

Eric had another amazing painting done. I love it of Emery, it captures her perfectly!

Kangaroo Zoo

For Maddix and Cohen's 3rd Birthday Party we went to Kangaroo Zoo! They both love this place so much. It was a ton of fun and I think all the kids loved it! Thank you to everyone who came, we have great friends and Family!