Thursday, January 24, 2013

I'm a big girl!

We started potty training with Emery last week and she was so excited to start!

 This was the very first time she ever went pee on the potty, I cheered so loud it scared her and she started to cry.
 She loved getting all the prizes and candy

All the while we were potty training she was super sick, had a fever of 103 every day but she still managed to be amazing!

We have been at it for a little over a week and she is doing great. 
 We have still had a few accidents but they are few and far between.  She really is doing so well and loves that she is a big girl and gets so excited when she goes.  She just beams when we tell her how proud we are of her!

Baby Girl Mealey

Pregnancy #3
We found out we were pregnant in July 2012.  
We are due March 20, 2013
We had been planning and hoping for another baby and are so excited!

 This pregnancy has been a difficult one. I have been sick most of the time and quit throwing up around 24 weeks only to start again around week 28.  I haven't thrown up in a couple weeks but the nauseous feeling isn't going away.  
Another great thing is that since about 18 weeks I have had a pinched sciatic nerve.  This is so painful and so annoying.  I can get a massage or go to the chiropractor and that helps a little but it comes back full force in a couple hours.
You are a crazy mover and move throughout the day and night.  I feel like I'm very big and getting bigger each week.
I had placenta previa with this pregnancy and just last week we went in for another ultrasound and my placenta had moved less than a centimeter but that was enough to put me into the clear.
We are struggling to figure out a name for you.  We have lots of options but none that Eric and I can agree on.  
We just got your room painted this last week and we are starting to get all the finishing touches in there!
We can't wait to see you in less than 2 months!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

2nd talk in Primary

Maddix gave his 2nd talk in primary about Baptism

Talk in Primary

Maddix gave his first talk in primary about Prophets.  He loved being able to do this.


Maddix is such a sweet boy.  He is so tender hearted, kind, caring and very sensitive.  He is also so funny.  Right now he really likes telling jokes and they usually don't make sense but he thinks they are so funny.  He is a great big brother and is constantly sharing with Emery and trying to play with her.
He loves to play soccer, basketball, golf and sometimes baseball.  He is really good at his letters and is starting to sound out words.  He loves going to school and coming home and telling us what he has learned.
He loves dinosaurs, the Avengers (Hulk is his favorite), playing with his toy guns, camping, playing games on his Ipad, and playing with all his friends.

Being silly in the car.  He took off his own pants and seat belt and shaking and dancing when I turned around.
Maddix went through a phase where if we didn't floss his teeth before he went to bed he would wake up at all hours of the night and start saying, I need to floss my teeth or you didn't floss my teeth.  It was a little creepy but we quickly learned that we needed to floss his teeth every night or else he would do this.
 This was his first trip to the dentist, he did not like it at all!  He had 3 cavities.
 This was him getting his cavities filled.
 Maddix broke his arm in April.  He fell down the stairs and broke his wrist.  He thought it was pretty cool to wear this cast.  And it really didn't seem to bother him too much.  He ended up having to wear the cast for 8 weeks and then had to be in a splint for 2 more weeks.

 Golfing with his daddy is one of his favorite things!

 Graduation from Little Sprouts at Kids Village
 While on a trip up to Idaho Falls, he swallowed a penny.  I wanted to take a picture and he was not happy about it.  He was really worried he would get really sick.  
 He got to go to school with Dhylan while we were there, they learned about NYC, he is a tourist!
 Maddix loves going to school and learning.  He is so smart.

4 year Stats:
34.2 lbs (32%)
39 3/4" (36%)


Emery is a ball of energy and so sassy.  She is constantly keeping us moving and on our toes.
She is so independent and most of the time we love that.  She is a great eater and eats almost everything.  Once she is done with her own food she usually moves to Eric or my plate and eats whatever she can from us.  She is happy most of the time but can be a little bit dramatic when she doesn't get her way.
She loves to play with her babies and princesses.  She plays dress up constantly and loves anything to do with Princesses.

18 month stats:
22 lbs 2 ounces (19%)
32.8 inches (82%)
Head Circum: 47 ½ cm  (76%)

This was Emery's first trip to nursery.  She liked it for the first couple weeks but then I think once she caught on that we would leave her there she didn't like it and would cry for the first little bit.  As of about a month ago (December) she has really started loving it.  During sacrament meeting she asks if she can go play with the toys and when its time to go in she just walks in and waves goodbye!

She loves to paint with watercolors, she does this almost every day.

This was a picture I took right before she pooped in the tub for the first time
She is very resourceful.  She pulls over anything she can climb on to get what she wants out of the pantry
She took a bad fall off of one of Nana's chairs and banged up her face pretty good

She loves to read books.
Most of the time she likes to read them by herself so we just have to sit there and listen and wait until she is ready for you to read them to her.

Emery loves swimming lessons.  We got to The swimming hole and take a parent and tot class.  She loves to jump in the water and really likes when we sing the wheels on the bus
Playing Dress up

Her first tea party with Nana, they had hot chocolate
She is obsessed with washing her hands, does it multiple times a day even when its not needed.
Emery has loved playing in the snow this year, she loves sledding and just stomping around in it.

She loves to come and sit with me while I get ready.  She usually brings in her own blow dryer and curling iron and either does her own hair or mine.

2 year stats:
24 lbs 10 oz (25%)
35 1/4" (85%)
Head Circum: 47.2 cm (41%)