Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Five Months

5 months has flown by!
Emery is developing such a fun little personality.
She is so smiley. She can't help it. Whenever someone even glances her way she gets all squirmy and can't help but smile or laugh.

She is finally liking her car seat. It makes it so much easier to go places now that she doesn't scream the whole time. She loves to play with toys while she is in there and can even look out and see Maddix.

We started sleep training her about a week and a half ago. It was pretty hard for me to allow this to happen, I was crying before I even laid her down to sleep. Eric was AMAZING and stayed out in the living room on the couch in a sleeping bag the first 4 nights. Emery has done pretty well. She usually goes about 8 hours and then I feed her and then she goes back to sleep. We still have a few nights where that is not the case, but compared to Maddix she is doing phenomenal! I just hope that she figures it out and starts sleeping completely through the night soon!

Emery also had her first taste of rice cereal a couple days ago. She is still pretty unsure about it but tries really hard to swallow it. It will be so nice when she starts eating cereal, vegetables and fruits! I love feeding babies food!

She is such a busy body. She has been rolling over for about a month and a half but just this last week she really figured it out and can't keep her still. She is constantly rolling from her back to stomach and stomach to back, over and over.

Emery Loves:
To have anything and everything in her mouth! Toes, toys, fingers, binky, everything!
To follow Maddix, Daddy and Mommy around. She can't keep her eyes off of Maddix and Eric.
To sit in her bumbo and bouncer and is learning how to use the walker. She can push it backwards and moves around the house.
Her silky and binky. I love that she loves those. When she gets tired all I have to do is put the silky up to her face and it usually calms her down.
To be tickled. She loves to laugh and it is so easy to get her going.
To be sung to. She loves patty cake and Itsy Bitsy Spider.

Emery Hates:
Getting dressed. Seriously still screams whenever something goes over her head.
Being left alone. I can't really leave the room without her noticing and then getting really upset. She has to be pretty distracted to not notice that I'm gone.
When she is tired and I try to make her stay up, even for 5 minutes. When she is tired, she rubs her eyes like crazy and usually doesn't stop until she is swaddled and can't reach them anymore.

Her 1st taste of Rice Cereal,
I think she thought we were poisoning her!
Day 3, still not so sure.
Can't keep much of it in her mouth.
Next is for comparison...
1st is Emery, then Maddix.
People are constantly saying they look exactly alike.
Here they are at the exact same age.
What do you think?

Playing outside in her walker, we love that is has been so nice!

Hanging with her big brother!
We Love you Emery!

Monday, February 14, 2011

My Heart is Full

Happy Valentines Day!

(Thanks Lisa for the adorable pictures!)

Monday, February 7, 2011


5 is the number of kids I had this weekend.
5 is the amount of mouths I fed at least 3 times a day
5 is how many kids got a bath on Saturday morning all at one time, thanks to Eric for his help!
5 is how many kids were in my car all weekend.
5 is the number of kids that were sleeping at my house, and 3 monitors!
5 is how many kids I got to kiss and play with every day!
5 is the number of kids who each had a melt down at least once a day
5 is the number of kids who were ready for Church by 8:45am!
5 + 2 is the number of kids who went to Kangaroo Zoo and played all weekend long!
5 x 10 is the amount of diapers I changed
5 x 100 is the amount of runny noses I wiped and Kleenexes I went through
5 x 1000 is the number of times I said "NO" or "Don't do that"

5 is the number of kids I use to want!

Reading books and hanging in our jammies
All ready for church
Eating dinner
We had a great weekend with Kendahl, Payton, and Dhylan.
Come again Soon!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Idaho Falls

Last week Maddix, Emery and I took a trip up to Idaho to see my family.

My sister has just moved into her new beautiful home so we thought what better way to break it in then to pay them a visit!

We had such a great time up there. It was so fun to see Nicole’s house and Maddix was in heaven playing with the girls all day long.

I don’t think Emery has ever gotten as much attention as she did from Dhylan. Dhylan was her little mommy. She informed me on many occasions that she nor their dog could feed Emery because they didn’t have boobies and was so worried that Emery was hurting me because she was biting mine!

Dhylan is such a sweet girl and I love knowing that her and Emery will probably be great friends!

All the girls kept Maddix very entertained and he LOVES them! Thanks Kendahl and Payton for giving up your rooms!

Maddix loves playing dress up in all the girls stuff!

Maddix also loved getting to play with his Papa and Nana every day.

I didn’t get any pictures of my sisters new house but once she sends me some I will post some. Her house is so amazing and it totally makes me want to build again and copy so many things that she did!
Thanks Family for a great week! Love you all!

Four Months

13 pounds 9 ounces 50%

24 ¾ inches 75%

Head Circ. 42.1cm 75%

Emery Lane is 4 months!

Time is flying by. I love each stage but so miss her as a newborn already!

She is loving being more independent lately. She loves to play on her own, well as long as I am within sight and touch!

She is such a funny girl. She definitely knows what she wants and is not happy until she gets it.Whether it’s the position she is held, when she wants to eat, sleep, poop, change positions, be held, be put down, she is crazy!

She can now roll over from front to back and back to front! She is still trying to perfect this skill but has done it several times. She also moves around in circles if you lay her on her back.

She puts everything in her mouth and loves it! She loves to grasp for toys and has a tight grip!

She is a pretty good sleeper. She has a terrible cold right now and so she hasn’t been sleeping very well but most nights she sleeps from 8-2 or3 and then back to sleep till 5 or 6 then up around 7:30 or 8. Takes 2 really good naps 10-12 and then 2-4 then a cat nap around 5:30 for a half an hour or so.

She is mostly such a happy girl. She loves to smile and laugh and is constantly squealing and cooing and babbling.

She loves to blow bubbles or give raspberries.

We love this little girl and can’t wait for the next month to see how much she has changed!

Emery Loves:

Silky and binky. She loves to pull her binky out and then try to put it back in. She is getting pretty good at it.

Loves her bath. She is so content while she is in there. Her and Maddix have been taking baths together and he loves to help.

Loves to be held and bounced. She is doing so well holding up her head and is looking so big when I hold her.

Loves to watch us eat. I hope she is a good eater!

Loves to watch lights/TV. When I put Maddix down for a nap I set her in front of the TV and she is so happy and content.

Loves to laugh and giggle. She is so bashful and can’t stand it when someone looks at her and smiles.

Emery Hates:

Being sick! That is the worst. She can’t breathe or sleep because she has the worst cough and stuffy nose. I hate winter especially for this reason.

Being left alone too long. She likes to make sure she can see us.

To get out of the tub and especially hates getting dressed.

The car seat. This is so hard, I hate going anywhere cause all she does is scream the entire time.Maddix did this too until about 5 months.

We Love you Emery!