Monday, November 30, 2009

Twenty Nine!

Today Eric turns 29!
This is mainly for Eric and I and for my "journal."
So this is one post you can just skip if you want :)

29 Things about you, some of which I love and some I just want to remember!

1.You are a great father to Maddix. He lights up whenever you are around and loves following you everywhere.
2.You are such a great provider for our family. You work hard every day and most of the time really enjoy your job.
3.You are so funny. You have this crazy sense of humor that most of the time I find very entertaining.
4.When you are getting ready in the morning you have this routine. You make these noises when you brush your teeth and you put your shirt on in a special way. I often find myself laughing under my breath just watching how picky you are.
5.You are a great husband to me. You know how to make me feel happy and loved. Just wish you liked to cuddle a little more J
6.You love to be active. You enjoy so many different things but you can also be content just relaxing and watching a movie with me.
7.You love to give Maddix “Beat Ups” and wrestle. You can make him laugh so easily.
8.You are a strong member of the church. I don’t think you know I grateful I am for that and for the many blessings it provides both Maddix and I.
9.You have set many goals for yourself and for us as a family. I enjoy watching and achieving those with you.
10.You are very picky. You like most foods but like them a certain way. I cannot or chose not to shop for you because most of the time you end up taking back what I get for you. So I end up getting you gift certificates! Surprise!
11.You hate reality TV…ok most TV shows, but the shows you do like are Man vs Wild or anything to do with Nature or outdoors, Scrubs, Seinfeld and The Simpsons.
12.You want to get back into Art, drawing, sketching and I think you should you are great at it.
13.Your goal for the next year is to go on some BIG trip, either to Kilimanjaro, Alaska or some other mountain to climb or bike.
14.You Love to camp, even though we have yet to go. But if we ever do we will be fully prepared with tents, sleeping bags, cooking supplies and many lanterns/flashlights!
15.You told me that the only thing you wanted for your birthday this year was to drive a Lamborghini for the day…sorry I couldn’t find one….maybe next year!
16.You are very good about remembering dates. Maybe it’s cause I remind you for a about a week before but you never forget. You always try and make my birthday special for me even though most of the time we aren’t together.
17.You know so many random facts, especially about snakes. Here’s a question for you… Which snake makes the best pet? According to Reptile the corn snake, king snake, gopher snake, and ball python make the best snakes to have as a pet. But according to me NONE or NEVER!!!
18.You are very “clean.” You like the house, car, yard, etc to be nice and clean or organized. Something I can definitely improve on.
19.You love to serve others. You are a great example to me and others.
20.You can fall asleep in about 10 seconds flat! I am always amazed at how quickly you are snoring. Sometimes I am still thinking of something to say to you or even mid conversation and then I will hear your deep shallow breathing and know you are out!
21.You Love football! I love watching football with you, especially if the Chargers or Broncos are playing. You get so excited if something good happens to the Chargers and even more excited if the Broncos are doing poorly!
22.You like to do yard work. I hate working in the yard so I am lucky that you don’t mind pulling weeds and taking care of the garden.
23.You’ve taught me to be a better eater. I love junk food and you hate it. So even though I still eat it I would definitely say it is less than before.
24.From the first time we really met you have made me feel beautiful and special. I appreciate that very much.
25.I love that you are such an involved dad. You love giving Maddix his bath, putting him to bed, playing with him and even changing diapers.
26.You are very persuasive! I think you could talk me and most people we know into anything! Even if you don’t know the right answers you act so confident in it that I am convinced! Not sure if that is a good or a bad thing.
27.You are almost always late! I learned this from very early on but it sometimes still amazes me and when I’m a little irritated about it you easily blame it on me and then I forget about how irritated I am and just have to laugh. Definitely Mormon Standard Time!
28.You have a son who adores you and I know someday will want to be just like you. I am lucky he has such an amazing example to follow.
29.You married me and that makes me the luckiest girl in the world!

I love you babe and hope you have a great birthday!

Monday, November 23, 2009

New Moon Party

As most of you know this last weekend New Moon was released!
A few months ago my mother in law gave me the great idea to throw a party before the premier. It was so much fun planning it and getting everything ready, thanks to all who helped, especially Shenna, I couldn't have done it without you!
We had Italian food, played games and basically just got so excited about the movie, which was great :)
These are Werewolf cupcakes that were so cute but they took forever to make!
The party favors had all red candy except for the chocolate New Moon candy bars and the Conversation hearts with New moon sayings, like I heart Edward.
Thanks everyone who came!
(Not pictured: Megan and Kylie)

Also not pictured is the Amazing necklaces that Amy made. They had either Edward, Jacob, Bella or some with both! They were so adorable and such a big Hit!

(Most of the things that I made were all Thanks to Hostess with the Mostess)

Go Chargers!

About a week ago we took a trip to San Diego!
It was such a blast!
We mainly went there to see the Chargers play but decided to make a full weekend of it and had a great time with friends! We had initially decided to rent a couple cars so we could all get around town but Ty, Eric W., and my Eric all decided it would be much more fun if we got these!
We had five couples driving yellow Corvettes all around town all weekend long! Kind of embarrassing but very fun!We stayed at very cool hotel called the "W" It was so modern and had the greatest places to just lounge. We spent most our late nights here ordering edamame and drinks!
We played football on the beach and ate at a cool restaurant overlooking the ocean on Friday night.
On Saturday we had breakfast at our hotel called the "W" then most of us headed to the zoo and the others went to the Spa!
After the zoo we went to the Cheesecake Factory...while we were there we saw, Donovan McNabb (quarter back for the Eagles) eating in the same restaurant. Sunday we went to the San Diego Chargers vs. The Philly Eagles game! It was a great game and of course the Chargers won! We found out later that LT's wife (LT is a Chargers running back) placed a positive pregnancy test in his locker just before the game.
(Jordan and Rachel were the only ones really rooting for the Eagles and that was only because Jordan thinks that Phillip Rivers is gay :)
For dinner we went to Old Town San Diego and ate at Cafe Coyote, one of Eric and I's favorite place to eat. After dinner we went to Golden Spoon where the Woodley's treated us to some yummy dessert! Then we went and saw the Temple all lit up.
Monday was our last day there and we had a great breakfast, at this very busy place and then headed to the beach. We rented bikes and rode out to the pier and then it was time to go to the airport.

Thanks to everyone who was able to come, we had a great time and can't wait to do it again!
I also wanted to say a huge thank you to Nana and Papa Rog for watching Maddix.
The day we left for San Diego we found out that Maddix had the Swine flu :(
It was hard being away from him while he was sick but Nana and Papa took great care of him and he loved staying at their house and terrorizing the animals!
Thanks again!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

What does a Pig say?

Well 2 things if you live in our house!

Maddix getting into the pantry and making a mess
And Eric having the Swine Flu!

I think November 7th is a bad day for Eric,
this was him last year on the same day...
He had just had surgery on his nose.
No Fun!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A big thank you!

I asked Lisa last minute to do some pictures for us.
She always does such an amazing job!
Too bad Maddix wasn't a little bit more cooperative!
Thanks again Lisa.