Thursday, February 28, 2013

Maternity Pictures

I cannot believe that in less than 3 weeks baby girl will be here.  I am ready! We still don't have a name but I know that will come to us.
We are all so excited for her and for our little family to grow!

Heather Telford took some great shots of our family and I love them all!

Our life lately

We are counting down the days till baby girl gets here and trying to find things that keep us busy!

Maddix painting and drawing sharks for daddy.
 Love this little girl
 We went to Classic Fun Center and Maddix loved being able to ride his scooter, I'm betting we will go back soon!
 Cuddle time with Madd

 Waiting for Nana to come and play with her

 Love when these two get along!

 Helping mommy shop

 Ice Cream and winter coats

 Playing dress up, doing her hair and singing Princess songs. 
Such a girl!

No more snow!

We had another good snow storm last week, I am really hoping it was the last one.
The kids loved playing in it.

Howell Girls came to play

The girls came down and spent a few days with Nana and then spent the night with us too.
We had so much fun seeing them again so soon.

We all went to Kangaroo Zoo, Nana got a good workout!

 Celebrated Uncle Dustin's birthday with dinner at Tucanos and then a trip to Provo Beach Resort for the carousel and some ice cream.

 The kids played school and house a lot!

We also went to the Dinosaur museum.

Monster Jam

While the girls were visiting for the weekend we went to Monster Jam with The Vohs Family, Papa, Nana and Papa Rog.

 Look at her cheeks!

The kids had had a long day and didn't love it, I think this may be our last monster jam.

Valentines Day

Eric had been gone for a week in London and came home Valentines night.  The kids (and me) were so excited to have him home.

He brought mustaches for Maddix
 Both Maddix and Emery are really into puzzles right now and he found the perfect ones!
Emery can now do this puzzle all by herself and she is so proud.
Only took her a couple times.
Maddix's card to his daddy, this is the first time he has ever drawn people.
This is a picture of him and his daddy.  Love the ears and fingers
 Maddix was sick the day that they handed out Valentines at school, but was so excited to give his to his friends and classmates.
 He had to write his name 15 times.  He really improved by the end!


 We took a quick trip up to Idaho to see the family while Eric was out of town for work. 
We love going up there to visit family and especially the Girls!

Emery was not happy that I pulled over on the side of the road to make her go to the bathroom in the snow.
The next time we stopped I just put the potty in the car

Kendahl and Payton were watching their class pet, a bunny named Twinkie.  All the kids loved it!

 We had a sleepover every night and ate lots of popcorn, candy and watched movies

Emery loved playing house with the girls and being their baby

Maddix and Dhylan playing the Wii