Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Busy Busy

We had a great and busy Easter weekend!

First of all this is probably one of the only pictures I will ever get of Eric mowing our lawn! I had to get proof!
Then the Easter Bunny came and visited Maddix. He got new sunglasses, cars, a ball, and some bubbles.We had Easter dinner up at my moms with the whole family.
(Not a great picture but Maddixs expression is hilarious!)
We took all the cousins to see the Easter Bunny a couple weeks ago, Payton loved him!

On Monday Nana gave Maddix a bath in the kitchen sink and he loved it. She also took both the boys for a walk so Lisa and I could get some errands done. Thanks Nana!Then that night we had some of Eric's managers over for a summer kick off BBQ! Thanks everyone who could make it and for bringing such yummy food!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Seven Months

Maddix turned 7 months yesterday!
He is getting so big!
We have had a great month.

We went to the park for the first time and played on the swings, slide, and dad even tried to get him to use the rings!
We also went to Lehi Legacy center and went swimming with Cohen. They both were so excited to get in the water, which was so warm! They loved it!
We also had many visitors this month, Papa and Emily came down, Aunt Coley and the cousins came for a week, followed by Oma and Grandpa. We had such a great time with all of them. We are lucky enough that we get to see Nana almost every week! We love when she comes down to play with us too!
Last week we decided to let Maddix cry it out at night! Let's just say I had a little bit of a melt down and then the next couple nights weren't the best. But after almost 5 nights Maddix is doing so much better! I don't get up with him at all during the night anymore, he still wakes up and cries a couple times a night but hardly gets to the hysterical point and usually can go back to sleep! We keep hoping that it continues to get better! Eric and I are both looking forward to a full nights sleep!
Maddix Loves:
Playing outside. We have taken advantage of every nice day and go for walks whenever we can!
Food! He has started to figure out how to feed himself...he puts his little puffs right into his mouth, well most of the time! He also does really well with all his fruits and vegetables! Loves when it's time to eat!
His silky! It's so cute at night when he is asleep, Eric or I will go in and check on him and his is cuddled up with his silky.
Trying to drink out of a bottle or sippy, he just spits the water/juice right back out and thinks it is so funny!
To be tickled! He is so ticklish! Eric and I get the biggest kick out of making him laugh, he has the most adorable belly chuckle, melts my heart!
To see pictures of mom and dad! He gets so excited whenever he sees them...I'm not sure if he recognizes us or if he is just excited to see something!
To sit up by himself and play with toys. His new favorites are his little toy cars from Ikea and his musical table. Still loves his jumperoo and his keys.
He still loves to cuddle which I absolutely love! He will just lay his head on my shoulder or cuddle into my neck so tight.
Loves his daddy and mommy!
Maddix Hates:
Having his face cleaned. He has had a runny nose lately and he will throw the biggest fit if I try and clean it!
When daddy is not around, he just lights up when Eric gets home from work!
When it's time to get out of the bath! He has really started to play in the tub and with the water.
When he hasn't been held for awhile. Sometimes that's all he wants.
Oh how we love him!

Having the time of his life!
Trying so hard!
Matching swimsuits!
Loved the pool!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Oh so Sweet!

So cute! You'll have to check out Nicole and Lisas blogs to see more. They turned out so good!