Saturday, July 25, 2009

Out with the Old

In with the NEW!
Today we moved Maddix into a front facing car seat...

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Ten Months

Last week Maddix turned 10 months!
I can't believe how quickly time is flying by.

We spent most of June indoors because of the stinkin rain. It was a very long couple of weeks! We are so glad that the sunshine is back!

We went up to Idaho Falls for a week to spend the 4th of July there. You learned some pretty cool tricks from your cousins. They let you borrow a walker and this is now your favorite place to be! You eat snacks in it, walk all over outside with it, and can get pretty much everywhere on the main floor!

Milestones this month:

You are so mobile! You love to crawl everywhere. You also think it is pretty cool that you can move from one piece of furniture or toy to another.
Stand up by yourself, you did this for a couple days and now have decided you are over that trick.
Babble all the time. It sometimes seems like you are having your very own conversation.
You were also left with your first "babysitter." We have left with family and close friends but no one that we ever had to pay. We went and played Tennis with some friends and had a great time (But mommy missed you!)

This week we have spent a couple days at the Lindon City pool, we love it!
You are really starting to like the pool!
I love how you can see Eric outside in this picture, Maddix would not sit down the whole bath!

Maddix Loves:

Throwing the ball with dad.
Playing basketball with dad
Your Binky and silky.
You love apple juice! I can't get you to drink water out of a sippy, just Juice!
Love food! You are still such a great eater.
To play with mommy. You are mommy's best friend and her constant companion!
When daddy comes home! You love to play with him and especially love it when he gets you out of bed in the morning.
The book: Where the wild things are. We have to read after you wake up, after every nap and before you go to bed!
You also love your touch and feel alphabet book. Your favorite are the pigs, mommy oinks like a pig and you fake cough!
Being outside!
You tube videos of: Blackbeard Pirate song, I am a gummy bear, and Choco Choco Gummy bear, actually most kid You tube videos you love!

Maddix hates:

Sleeping! Most of the time you actually sleep pretty well but there are still those nights where mom and dad want to pull our hair out!
Doing one thing for too long! You have to have a constant change of scenery!
Getting dressed, getting out of the bath, having your face and nose cleaned.

We love you Maddix!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

The greatest place...

For the 4th of July is definitely Idaho Falls!
Maybe I'm a little biased but I love it. I love all my family's traditions, I love the parade, the swimming, the BBQ's, and the fireworks!
This year was a little different...both my parents rented hotel rooms down by the river so we hung out there most of the day.
In the morning we went to the Parade, Maddix is a little scared of...well everything, so I thought he would for sure freak out with all the loud cars, music and horns, but he didn't. He did so well and actually really seemed to like it.
Then Eric flew in to town so we went and picked him up then went down to the river for a bike ride and then some swimming.

Then we just kind of hung out until it was time for dinner and the fireworks.
Maddix again did great during the fireworks, he just sat there and watched them.
Thanks family for making it such a great 4th and thanks to Eric for coming up to good ol' IF for less than 24 hours, we really did love having you there!

America…the other greatest place! We are so blessed that we live in this beautiful nation. I am grateful for all those who give so freely of themselves to help protect us, Thank You for all you do!

Idaho Falls

I love going to Idaho Falls.
It was my home for about 19 years! I love being able to spend time with my family when I go there.
We had a great week, except for the fact that Maddix cried all night every night that I was there...yep still crying throughout the night :)
I was able to go to Kendahl's last T-Ball game, she did such a great job!
Maddix enjoying himself at the game...and look at cute little Dhylan in the background!

Dhylan also taught Maddix some new tricks...He loved this walker so much that I had to get him one when we got home. He is all over the place, and with our wood floors it makes it so easy! He seriously is so happy whenever I put him in it!

Maddix also got his first haircut while we were up there. Both of my parents cut hair so we took him to my dad first and he cut the you can tell he was not happy about this. He wouldn't let my dad get close to him after that!

Then we took him to my mom and she trimmed the sides...still was not having it! He was so upset. It's going to be a nightmare when it comes time for a "real" haircut!

Our new Hobby

For Father's Day Maddix and I got Eric this baby carrier...I figured if I got it for Eric then I wouldn't have to carry Maddix, so far my plan has worked!
We have been on a couple different hikes and have had so much fun. Maddix loves it! He just smiles and looks around the whole time. At the end of this hike it was close to Maddix's nap time and he keep almost falling asleep!
We will definitely be doing this more!