Thursday, June 25, 2009

Travels and Birthdays!

Well this last week Maddix and I were able to travel with Eric to New Jersey and Boston. We had such a great time and Maddix was such a great baby! We decided we would go this trip so we could spend Father's day with Eric and also my birthday. I didn't take any pictures the whole trip!
Thank you to Rachel for keeping Maddix and I entertained in Jersey and also to Staci in Boston. Thanks Stac for letting all of us crash at your place!
I also celebrated my 27th birthday while we were there! Thank you to all of you who called, sent emails, texts, cards and gifts! I had a great day! Eric had to work so Staci helped me celebrate all day, I was even able to have my Molten chocolate cake from Chili's! It was so delicious!
I wish I could have been able to spend it with my sister, it's so weird not being together on that day. I hope you had a great Birthday Nic and I love you!
Here are some pics of Nicole and I through the years! So funny!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Fathers Day!

Just wanted to wish Eric a very first Happy Fathers day! You are the best dad to our little man and he loves you so much! Thanks for being the best!
Also Happy Fathers day to mine and Eric's dads! We love you! We could never express how dear you are to both of us.
Sorry I'm out in New Jersey so no pics...

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Nine Months

Maddix turned nine months old this week.
It is crazy to think that he has been out of my tummy longer than he was in it! I can't believe how old he is...
Maddix had his 9 month check up and he is doing great.
18 pounds 15 ounces (25%- just a skinny mini!)
28.5 inches (50%-dr was a little bewildered with this one, he thought for sure he would be off the charts!)
48.2 cm (97%-of course, we all knew that would be the case!)
Maddix milestones this month:
Starting to army crawl. He really wants to be mobile and gets so frustrated when he can't get somewhere.
Waving. He loves to wave! We think it is so adorable!
Sleeping so much better! Still wakes up a couple times a night but so much better than he was a couple weeks ago.
This month has been a crazy one. Eric has been traveling a ton but we are so glad that we have been able to see him as much as we have. Maddix loves his daddy and just gets so excited whenever Eric is around.
We were able to go up to Idaho Falls for a week and spend time with our cousins. We had a great time.
Kendahl the spider and Payton the Monkey! They did so good at their recital!
Taking baths with his cousins...

Learning to use his walker, he thinks he is such a big boy!
First bloody nose :(
This happened just today, he was such a big boy and barely even cried. So sad!
Maddix Loves:
His Binky. Must have it at all times.
Bath time. We are still taking baths in the kitchen sink and he loves it. Loves to splash and play with his cup.
Eating. He loves his baby food, snacks, and especially strawberries, yogurt melts, and little baby cheese puffs.
To pull on anything that is connected to Mom. Hair, face, mouth, eyes, shirt, necklace, earrings...ANYTHING!
To be outside. I know I have said this before but he loves it! Walks, sitting on the lawn, going to get the mail, watering can really change his mood immediately.
Mom and Dad. He is definitely becoming an even bigger mommas boy than he already was. (I secretly love it :)
His silky, not so much during the day anymore unless he's really upset and always when he goes to sleep.
To laugh. I love that I can still get him to laugh at the simplest things. He thinks I'm hilarious :)
Maddix Hates:
Not being able to crawl or walk. He gets so frustrated and usually ends up just crying.
Having his face cleaned or wearing a bib...these too kind of go hand in hand.
When I leave him alone for too long.
Not being rocked to sleep.
Getting dressed and having his diaper changed, he's hated this since birth.
We love you Maddix!