Thursday, April 18, 2013


March was a busy month.
We were preparing for the baby to come and then after she came we were adjusting!  The weather was nice a few days so we played outside lots and had a lot of visitors.

Emery came in one morning and said she was ready to go to Kangaroo zoo!  I talked her out of the dress and crown but she did wear her princess shoes there.
 Maddix is learning how to read and is doing so well!  He loves to bring home books from school and practice them.  We were playing a game here with his sight words.  If he read the word he got to put an M&M on it and then when the whole board was filled up he could eat them.  
He really enjoys learning to read and loves when he sounds out a new word.
 Every morning when Eric goes to work they have to wave goodbye.  Maddix always says "see ya later alligator, after a while crocodile, see ya, bye!"  He says this before bedtime too.
 These two have been playing so well together lately.  Well they are either playing really well or fighting.  Here they are actually wrestling, but I'm sure one of them ended up in tears!

 Emery loves to drive the "Razor" she was prepared this time with her goggles

 Emery and Maddix love their babysitter Hali.  

 Emery is such a character and loves to make faces

Enjoying the sun!
Maddix loves to ride his bike, he likes to see how fast he can go and then skids to a stop.
Emery spends most of her time playing house with her babies or swinging.
 This was the last night I was a mother of 2.  
I got induced the next day so we cuddled as much as we could!
No longer will she be my baby!

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