Thursday, April 18, 2013

One Month

I can't believe that Charly is already one month old!  She has been such a great baby!  She hardly ever cries, sleeps all the time, when she is awake she is happy and content.  She isn't the best nurser but she does ok and is getting better.
The first week we were home from the hospital my mom stayed with us.  She was such a huge help and the kids loved having Nana here everyday. I love my momma!
I was alone the second week and we actually did pretty good.  Seriously Charly has been such a great baby that it makes it easy to take care of the other kids.
The third week Eric's mom, Oma, came and stayed with us.  We are lucky that Oma was able to come and see us.  The kids had a blast playing with her and she kept them busy almost everyday!

Charly has been eating every 3 hours, after she eats she is usually up for an hour or two and then goes back to sleep.  There are a few times where she eats and then wants to go right back to sleep. At night she started out waking up every 3 hours to eat and now just recently she started sleeping 4-5 hours at the beginning of the night and then eating, then waking up every 3 hours after that.  She is so good at night and always goes right back to sleep.  She doesn't take a lot of soothing to get her to sleep.  

You got a bad eye infection the first week, Nana got it too.  We took you into the doctor and they gave you an antibiotic.  You weighed 7 pounds 4 ounces, which was great.  When we left the hospital you had dropped down to 6 pounds 14 ounces.  I was worried you look a little jaundice but they said you looked great!

For the first 2 weeks she would only take the hospital soothie binky but now she takes the Nuk.  She takes a bottle really well, better than nursing, but I hate to pump.  I really hope she nurses for a long time!

At your two week appointment you weighed 
7 pounds 7 ounces 23%
21 3/4 inches 92 %
Head 36 cm 51%

We went up to Idaho last week for a baby blessing and it was so fun to see family again.  Your cousins love you and took turns all day holding you.  I don't think you napped by yourself at all.

Maddix and Emery love you and want to hold you and take care of you all day long.  Anytime you cry they race to get to you and give you your binky, bounce you or want to hold you.  They are constantly telling me if you are hungry, tired or crying.  Daddy lights up when he holds you and I have a hard time putting you down, I want to hold and cuddle you all day.

Just this week she has started to try and smile.  We have gotten her to do it a couple times but its not every time.  Most of the time she does this uncontrollable squirm and her mouth gets really big.
The morning Charly was born

 When Nicole found out her name
The first time I held you.
Can't tel from the picture but I couldn't stop crying.

 First Bath:  
You hated it!  You screamed almost the entire time.

Lots of visitors and family wanting to hold you!

One Month Old!


Camile said...

I loved this update Natalie! What a beautiful baby and beautiful family!

oma said...

Love seeing all these pics!